Introduction of the Demon King


Who is Demon King?

In the Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 21, we saw Meliodas talking to his father who is Demon King in the Purgatory. But why the Demon King is in Purgatory? We’ve got some information on the demon king which we discuss in this post.
In ancient time, near about 3000 years ago, there was a great war took place between the Demon and the Goddess clan in The Seven Deadly Sins. There were many clans which participated in the battle but the Demon and the Goddess clan were the most powerful. In fact, there was a battle between the Demon King(of Demon Clan) and the Supreme Deity(of Goddess Clan), however, none of that is shown in the anime or the manga.
Meliodas( eldest son of the Demon King)
Meliodas is the eldest son of the Demon King, and the most powerful demon, even the Goddess Clan was feared by his cruelty. When Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan at the end of the war, the Goddess clan took the advantage and defeated the Demon Clan. They sealed the Demon Clan in the Eternal Darkness of Purgatory, but the seal was eventually broken after 3000 years by Hendrickson resulted in freeing the Ten Commandments and many other demons, but it was not enough to revive the Demon King himself.
Demon King
Demon King
So basically, Demon King is in the Purgatory where Meliodas met him in the last episode. According to the Merlin, Purgatory is a space of chaos between the living and the afterlife, where mutilated souls try to decay the flesh. It is the place where scorching heat, blistering cold and toxic air destroy the body and time is wrapped that a minute corresponds to a year in there. After the death, Meliodas went to the Purgatory where he met his father.
This shows that the Demon King is also alive but not much a living being either. He is simply waiting for the Ten Commandments to revive him.
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