Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Apple iPhone X Face Identification bypassed by 3D mask

Apple latest flagship phone iPhoneX Face Identification system has been fooled around by Vietnamese Cyber Security Company Bkav.

Face Identification

To bypass the Face Identification System, they created a 3D printed mask, worked around by makeup and 2D images of areas of the areas near eyes and mouth. Little bit of touch up is required in cheeks & forehead area and nose is of silicone which shape can be easily transformed. It somewhat looking like person face cast after surgery.

The total production cost of making this mask summed around to $ 150 only.

Face Identification

The researchers of Bkav told that this method will require detailed measurement or digital scanned face of the iPhonex user. They acquired the details of face by doing manual scanning with handheld scanner.

The major targets of this Face Identification security bypass can be billionaires or senior government officials.

Now Apple and other companies engineers have to worked around this bypass or flaw in FACE ID technology, which can be potential risk to it’s owners


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