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Iron Fist Season 2: Official Trailer Released!

After a long line of teasers, fan’s finally got to see the full trailer for Iron Fist: Season 2! Netflix recently released a full trailer for the upcoming second season of Iron Fist. And this time, it seems Danny Rand will be going up against another student of K’un-Lun: the Steel Serpent.

Iron Fist Season 2: Official Trailer Released!

The first season didn’t go well with the fans but season 2 was seen as a vast improvement and the trailer proves it. The events of the show’s first season and that of The Defenders gave Danny more control over his powers. Now, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has taken on the role of protector of New York City, fighting low-level bad guys on the streets along with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). He’ll be facing off against a new threat this season, in the form of Davos, a rival from K’un-Lun played by Sacha Dhawan. Davos’ abilities include –

Master Martial Artist: Davos was trained by his father, Lei Kung in K’un-Lun. He was shown to be able to help Danny Rand fighting the Hand together. He could even fight evenly with Rand himself.

Master Marksman: Davos is shown to be a master marksman with his origami aluminium shurikens and throwing knives.

Master Acrobat: Davos has occasionally shown some acrobatic skills during his fights with the hand such as using a tucking side flip to kick down a Hand Ninja.

Watch the trailer here –

According to the comics, Davos was a trainee at K’un-Lun along with Rand, only to miss out on the chance to prove his worthiness before the dragon Shou-Lao. As a result, Danny Rand became the Immortal Iron Fist, while Davos took on the name Steel Serpent and was obsessed with reclaiming the powers that he felt should have been his.

Iron Fist Season 2: Official Trailer Released!

Typhoid Mary (Alice Eve), an assassin best known as an adversary of Daredevil, while Misty Knight (Simone Missick) are some of the villain’s which show up in the trailer.

Season 2 of Iron Fist begins streaming on September 7th.

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