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Irreplaceable You Review – Heart touching tale of love and perseverance

Irreplaceable you is a 2018 rom-com drama film, directed by Stephanie Laing and written by Bess Wohl. Starring  Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michiel Huisman, Steve Coogan. Released globally on 16th Feb 2018.

It’s heart-warming, romantic story of Abbie and Sam, both of them friends since childhood and are engaged to be married. Their lives come crashing down when Abbie gets unexpected diagnosis faced with the prospects of an uncertain timeline, Abbie begins a touching and often humorous search for a new love to take care of Sam.

irreplaceable you

Along the way, Abbie makes unlikely friendships with some patients who have one thing in common that is they focus on living while they are dying. The story begins with a virtual and lovely conversation between Abbie and Sam, where she tells, ‘I am lying comfortably here in my bed, where everybody has to be one day,’i.e., Grave; calm, peaceful and close to nature. Then Sam arrives with flowers on the grave, and there begins the beginning of this ever blooming romance.

As the movie proceeds there comes a humorous scene where their childhood is portrayed and they were shown visiting an aquarium, where the guide tells them about a monogamous fish, briefing the meaning of monogamous as, when you love someone truly, you end up staying with them together. Further she describes about monogamous fish that the male fish hunts for the female one and when he finds her, he bites into the female fish and never let her go making them one as a sign of true love. When everybody moves ahead they both stood there pondering that is that true what she told and before Sam could say anything Abbie bites into his shoulder making their love and bond stronger and getting Sam six stitches on his shoulder!

While the celebration of their engagement goes they reveal this to their best friend that she is pregnant and next day decides to consult the doctor, where they get to know that it’s not pregnancy which causes ache but cancer in tangerine shape, that’s the point where she crashed down and was taken aback with this news.
After knowing her diagnosis report she cancels the venue which she booked for her wedding and asks for the refund if she could get, that was a heart-sinking moment as while she’s trying to talk about the same, tears roll down her eyes and she disconnects the call. Both stays a depressed as the doctor told that she’s gonna have minor discomfort but that’s a stage IV cancer, she murmured, “nothing is minor, and nothing is comfortable”, precisely right and that’s very inspiring, the way she decided to move on with a thought, “just because you are dying doesn’t mean your life stops”. But she feels way better when she meets her new Dr. Dominic; he is very friendly, practical and an easy going guy.

When things started seeming impractical to her, she gets acquainted with a group of patients who are also on the same verge of death, though they are dying they have the very strong focus on living the life to its fullest. Spending few days with the group, she realizes that life is gonna go on, so she must do something prepare Sam for the inevitable by finding a new partner for him, who should look after him and take care of him like she does or in a more better way. It seems amusing when she begins interviewing girl to find a perfect match for Sam and rejecting them back to back.

The movie well portrayed the phase when you feel annoyed and don’t get what exactly is to be done with the things and life, when you reluctantly pretend to be beautiful, knowing you are dying inside. Precisely the same was happening with Abbie, she wants to be close and near to Sam but on the contrary pushing him away from her, and she gets more disturbed when she gets to know that Myron, one of her group mate with whom she shared her mind and heart, is no more with her. His sudden and unexpected death collapsed her. She rushes to Sam to apologize whatever wrong she said to him and for everything she had been doing to make him annoyed and while apologizing Sam proposed her to marry him and convinced her to focus on, “What is,” rather than, “What if.”

So finally the time arrives, they both prepare for their marriage, she buys a wedding gown, and he decorates the house as all set for a wedding day, but when everybody appeared, and the feast was going on, Sam comes and opens the letter written by her for everyone, letter of gratitude, apology, love, care and especially for Sam. She leaves everybody behind, proving that Life can’t be contained, life breaks free, and most importantly, Life finds a way.

Rating- 4/5 Stars

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