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It Happened In Hong Kong Series Review, Like Beginning Like End, Lovely!

It Happened In Hong Kong Series Review, A perfect “Like Beginning Like End” Series!

It happened in Hong Kong is an ongoing romantic, comedy travel series on web channel VIU India and YouTube. Shot in Hong Kong, this 4 episode series is directed by Lakshay Raj Anand, starring Aahana Kumra, Amol Parashar and Lakshya Raj Anand.


Series began with lots of celebration and exploration of small yet special moments that happen when you travel, including encountering strangers. Over a solo trip Anmol and Aahana meets by chance and hit it off instantly.

It Happened In Hong Kong Series Review

Aahana is a strong and independent woman who is on a trip to the glittering harbour city of Hong Kong. While exploring the city on her solo trip, she pens down her experiences in Hong Kong with regards to culture, people, food and lot many other exciting and unique city things. One day she bumps into a fellow traveller, Anmol, while calling a taxi for a ride, as the latter was travelling Hong Kong for work. While talking about their lives, Aahana tells Anmol that she is on a solo trip to re-discovers her as she recently broke up with her fiancé, they decide to have coffee together and Anmol suggests that as they both are here for few days, they should explore Hong Kong together! And both set out to take Hong Kong. Both arrive at the beautiful Big Buddha where they seek blessings and enjoy the scenic view. Finding Aahana glued to her dairy scribbling down her experiences, Amol takes away from her and tells her to breathe in and feel each moment rather than jotting down. With Hong Kong they both start to explore each other too with every experience. Enjoying little sarcasm at artwork gallery, Aahana realises that Amol has lost the track of her dairy and he manages to find it back, prudently. That day they both comprehended and wondered how nicely they enjoy each other’s company and if there is more in store for this friendship.

It Happened In Hong Kong Series Review

After a long tiring day of shopping, Aahana meets Amol for supper but they miss to find a table at any restaurant. Amol asks her to follow him as he has got a surprise for her as Amol peeped into her dairy and got to know that it’s her birthday today. When Aahana got hot in collars to know the plan, he then reveals the surprise- A romantic candle-light dinner with the glittering skyline of Hong Kong as the backdrop, making her birthday memorable. I really liked the sentence when Amol says that “it’s really intriguing to feel the excitement of unfamiliar things that to be comfortable with the familiar ones.” The night is full of drinks, laughter, light, life and blossoming love. That moment when they were walking hand-in-hand and Aahana makes him comfortable saying, it doesn’t mean anything, lovely and amusing at the same time. Unaware of the heartbreak that awaits them.

Amol takes Aahana to show his place and while trying to tell her something he finds that pegs down and tight Aahana falls asleep. Morning awaits them with surprising news- Amol reveals that he is already engaged and Aahana feels betrayed and bewitched. Realising that she almost fell for him and Amol confronts her by saying that it didn’t mean anything, we cleared it earlier. To which she replies- “Just because someone said it doesn’t mean anything. Doesn’t means that it actually doesn’t mean anything.” They part ways from each other and the trip on a very unfriendly note. A year later, both coincidentally meet in an office they have visited for their respective work and decide to spend some time after Aahana’s meeting. Walking down the roads of Bandra, they catch up on what has changed since their trip to Hong Kong and realise as they both feel sorry for their deed that “we must let go of the life we have planned” to float smoothly with the flow. Both agree that things transformed for their better. On getting to know about Aahana’s business idea, Amol suggests that they could, in fact, be a Business Associates and decide to take on this new journey.

It Happened In Hong Kong Series Review
I really liked the ending as when they embrace each other and Aahana turns around to take a cab, Amol says the same dialogue when they met at the beginning of the series- “We can share the cab and split the bill because I am also going the same way”. Making it a perfect,“ LIKE BEGINNING LIKE END” series.

It Happened In Hong Kong series Review


A unique, fresh and appealing storyline portraying that really some best places are off the maps and some unplanned meetups are worth cherishing. Though they mentioned it right that the greatest distance between two people is misunderstanding but as pain and pleasure go hand in hand, so are the ups and downs in life. Aahana and Amol’s coinciding meetup and their conduct towards each other taught us that if things go wrong, take a deep breath and ponder about it, in order to make the things better. How can we forget to mention that flawless endeavours of our lovely digital stars, Aahana Kumra and Amol Parashar, making the series lovely and heartfelt.

Rating- 4/5


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