Japanese Pokemon Go player catches 1 million Pokemon

A Japanese Pokemon Go player, Kyarorina, has managed to reach a great feat as he became the first Pokemon Go trainer to catch one million Pokemon. He was already a popular player, as he had a history of catching a huge number of Pokemon on daily

This information has been shared by Reversal on Reddit, which showcased a screenshot of Kyarorina’s Trainer page. Have a look at the image down below.

Well, catching one million Pokemon is an amazing milestone for sure but to capture this amount of Pokemon, one had to catch 800 Pokemon on daily basis. It is still unclear which hunting method has been used by Kyarorina.
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According, to reversal, he does not have any social media handles but they managed to discover that he is a boy.
According to Reversal, he hits the catch cap pretty much every single day with doing 100 trades as well whilst maintaining a daytime job.
Congratulations Kyarorina!
EDIT: Kyarorina currently has 185 Million Stardust upon hitting 1 Million Catches.
EDIT 2: Also noteworthy is that at Kinshicho Station players can easily catch 200 Pokémon per hour. Players tend to deploy Glacial lure modules non-stop as the Pokémon in this lure pool have a higher catch rate compared to the other lure modules. At any given moment during the day there’s a minimum of 100 active players catching Pokémon there often found at outside in front of the station or in the station at the 4th and 5th floor respectively of Kinshicho Station Mall in Tokyo.

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