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Jared Leto To Star In Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Morbius’ Movie

The New Joker of DC has decided to move to Marvel Universe. Yes, you have read it right as per the recent updates Jared Leto who portrayed the role of famous Batman villain in Suicide Squad is being cast in Sony-Marvel’s Spiderman spinoff movie. The actor will be seen portraying the role of Michael Morbius, the tragic antihero and nemesis to Spiderman. The Academy Award Winning actor Jared Leto himself took to Instagram to reveal that he is up for the role of a blood-sucking vampire who is a prisoner of his own issues.

The spinoff will be directed by Scandinavian filmmaker Daniel Espinosa who is also known for his work Safe House and Life. The filmmaker is supposed to bring the Bruck Sharpless and Matt Sazama written script to life. The duo is known for developing Lost In Space reboot for Netflix.

Jared Leto’s casting for the role Morbius is undoubtedly a welcome news but few fans like me are worried that this might affect his role of Joker in DCEU. A few weeks the news came out that Warner Bros. has greenlit the standalone Joker movie with Jared Leto at the helm. However, as per Variety, Jared Leto’s new role will not impact the DC universe. The report also indicates that in addition to promoting his new album with Thirty Seconds To Mars the actor is making sure that his solo Joker doesn’t conflict with the Morbius role.


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In Marvel comics, Michael Morbius was a scientist looking for the cure of his rare blood disease. In the way of developing the cure, one of his experiment gives him characteristics similar to that of a mythical vampire who have the thirst for blood and an aversion to sunlight. However, inside Morbius, there is a good man who is forced to survive on the blood of other humans. So, to survive with that and avoiding killing innocent human beings, he starts targeting criminals. The character is created by Roy Thomas and designed by Gil Kane, Morbius first made his appearance in The Amazing Spiderman#101.

It surely will be interesting to see character actor, Jared Leto’s take on the Morbius as he packs a punch albeit his performance as Joker got missed reactions from the fans. The fans are speculating to what lengths Leto will go to get into the character of Morbius as during his preparation for Joker’s role the actor used to send rats, a dead hog, condoms and more to his co-stars in the film.

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Talking about Morbius, it is being developed under Sony’s Marvel universe which was earlier kicked off with Tom Hardy’s Venom. The characters in this universe will be closely related to the Spider-Man and the movies will target adult audiences with there presentation. Other movies that are under-development includes Silver and Black, which will feature Silver Sable and Black Cat, and Nightwatch.

What are your views on Jared Leto portraying the role of Morbius? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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