JBL T450 Review: Flimsy Build Overcome By Excellent Bass

JBL T450 review

Like any other gadget in the market, there are a plethora of companies providing music lovers a ton of options of headphones to choose from. In headphones, the music lovers can decide if they want wireless headphones or the simple, wired. And not only this, they can choose if they’re going with an In-Ear headphone, Over-The-Ear or the most popular On-Ear headphones. And there are a lot of brands providing a wide range of headphones, like the established players, like JBL, Sony, and newly established players like Boat, the struggling players like Portronics, and we all know the new game changer, OnePlus, with Bullets Wireless. Talking specifically about the wired mid-range headphones, we have companies like JBL, Sony, Boat, selling good performing headphones. Today, I’ll share my views on one of the JBL’s mid-range wired headphones, JBL T450. For the JBL T450 review, I have tried out the headphones continually for two weeks and in almost every normal outdoor and indoor conditions. Since the JBL T450 is wired, so nothing much to talk about the specifications, the central area of interest is the Design, Build Quality and Sound Quality, so, without being much of an audiophile, let’s start.

JBL T450 Review:

JBL T450 review

The packing of the JBL T450 is not too much different, but it’s simple and good, and the first thing that I noticed during unboxing was the foldable design. In the box, there was nothing much to notice. You get the JBL T450 headphones, obviously, and some paperwork. Talking about the specifications of the headphones, there is nothing much to talk about, as these are simple wired On-Ear headphones. On papers, the frequency response lies between the range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz.



The design of these headphones is slender and modish, looks normal like other headphones. The best part of the design is that it fits on the ears so well, even for the people like me who need headphones with a bigger headband, which generally results in less cushion fitting and nasty experience. JBL has worked on the design to make it more effective even the headband stretches to the highest. All of this is possible with the three-axis rotation of the drivers.

JBL T450 review

And not only this, it is handy to carry as well, and I liked it. The sound drivers of the headphones are in excellent round shape like a wristband, big enough to cover your ear-cup fully, and has a thickness of around 3mm, the size is adequate, and the headphones don’t look bulky at all. It wasn’t weird for me at all, putting them around the neck and hanging out. Another thing that I loved about the design is that the headphones can be folded easily in two combinations, thanks to the three-axis rotation of the drivers, with which it can be carried comfortably in a bag and amazingly, it occupies a smaller space than the bigger it looks. But I prefer to buy a special hard carrying case for more safety, and why I felt the need for a hard case, you will get to know soon.

JBL T450 are wired on-ear headphones, where the length of wire is long enough. To be more specific the length of wire is 1m, and won’t be insufficient in any case. The cable is slightly built and didn’t give a strong kind of feeling on the first impression. JBL T450 comes with a long tangle-free cable and won’t create any mess at all. In the right driver’s cable, you can find the inline button, with a noise cancellation microphone. Though there is a single button, it performs three functions, on single click, you can control, pause and play, on double click, next song can be selected and clicking thrice, the previous song can be chosen. This one button function is convenient, I found it excellent, especially during traveling, as you won’t like, taking out your phone again and again. But one thing that I feel missing in these headphones, is the volume rockers. It’s not a deal breaker at all, but would be a great addition.

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The design is fine, I’m fully satisfied, and now let’s talk about the build quality. On the first impression, I didn’t feel much satisfaction, with the build of these headphones, as the material used is plastic mainly. But on further use, I found that hard plastic used in JBL T450 is durable enough, surely won’t support the very rough usage, needs caution, but will entertain you for very long, and this is the reason that above I’ve recommended you to buy a hard case if you are about to buy these headphones. I think it isn’t the justice done, according to the cost price listed on official JBL India website, that is, Rs 2,499, though, now its available at a 24% discount, that is, Rs 1,899.

JBL T450 review

For a restful experience, the cushioning of the on-ear drivers is very important. In JBL T450 cushioning with a thickness of around 10mm is given, and the material on the cushion covering looks good and as well as it’s durable and won’t tear easily. Cushions in JBL T450 may not be the best, but still, build is soft and fits comfortably on ears, but in extended usage like an hour or more, I felt a little discomfort. These cushions won’t let much noise to disturb you, even in noisy environment. According to me, the overall build is not the best of all, but not a deal breaker at all.



For receiving calls, JBL T450 has a built-in noise cancellation microphone, and JBL was serious about the noise-cancellation statement, as the mic records clear sound. So, if you are going to use it for receiving calls, then you won’t be disappointed at all. To get a little idea, you guys can check out the recordings below in three different condition – Isolated, Normal and Outdoor.




Build quality is just average, nothing special in it. But, now let’s talk about the essential part of the review, the audio grade of JBL T450. For this, without any doubt I will say, the sound quality of these headphones is fabulous. On very first impression, when I put on the headphones, and the moment I played the music, I was astonished by the sound quality. And this overcomes the ordinary build quality of the headphones. I’m fond of music and spend a lot of time in listening music of different genres, and I tried all of them, from retro to pop, the sound quality in every situation was just premium and best of all.

In slow and acoustic music, the clarity of the sound is just impressive, but I felt, to differentiate between the sound of different instruments and vocal needs much concentration, it lacks a bit in producing differentiation in instrument sounds and vocals which indicates an average treble production.

Here’s the result of JBL T450’s Treble Test:

JBL T450 review


The bass of JBL T450 is too robust. The bass is strong enough; you will be never left gasping for it and never feel incomplete when listening to your favorite pop and rock music. I’ve used these headphones in both indoors and outdoors, and in crowdy and noisy conditions I didn’t feel any problem in listening to the music, the drivers’ cushions are capable of creating the noiseless experience.

Here’s the result of JBL T450’s Bass Test:

JBL T450 review


Drivers matching of JBL T450 is perfectly calibrated.

JBL T450 review


The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz, which is good not only on papers but, also in performance. JBL T450 can produce sounds loud enough, without distortion, when needed, and will never let you down in any situation.



So, the JBL T450 has a fabulous sound quality, overall, but the treble lacks sometimes. In this section, I’m going to discuss my experience with the JBL T450 in gaming, specifically, and this is the only other thing for which you will be using the headphones other than listening music and watching videos. Well, it depends, if you want it for casual gaming, like just for enjoying the PUBG Mobile with your friends, the JBL T450 won’t let you down at all. It will not be hard at all listening the sound details in the game, like listening to the footsteps and sounds of firing. But as told earlier, the treble produced by the headphones is not that much good, so if you can’t expect the details on that level, if you are happened to be a core gamer and sound details is the first preference. Secondly, the thing which is also a part of gaming is the comfort provided by the headphones in the long gaming sessions. As we have discussed the cushions in the build quality section, cushioning given on the headphones drivers are good, and soft, and you it won’t be a burden to put them on for an hour, but beyond it, they may cause a little discomfort. But, overall, for casual gaming, I won’t feel it’s a deal breaker and the deals available now for JBL T450 looks fine. But if you want to buy JBL T450 for gaming purpose mainly then I won’t recommend you to buy it. You should go for others headphones available in the market.


The Build Quality is just OK, Design is excellent and Sound Quality is premium, so, now let’s talk about the pricing of JBL T450. The price tag given on the box is Rs. 3,990 (or 60 USD), but I’ve checked the price on Amazon, it’s available for RS. 1,860 (white color). So, according to this deal, the pricing of the JBL T450 is undoubtedly reasonable, and a must-have deal.

Three variants are available –
• JBL T40 Extra Bass (WHITE) – Rs. 1,860 (BUY NOW from Amazon)
• JBL T40 Extra Bass (BLACK) – Rs. 1,899 (BUY NOW from JBL Store)
• JBL T40 Extra Bass (BLUE) – Rs. 1,895 (BUY NOW from Amazon)



• Premium Sound Quality
• High Bass
• Reasonable Price Deals


•  Delicate plastic build



JBL T450 headphones deliver an outstanding sound quality with a right amount of base, and a sleek design, may not be the best in build, but in this price range, it is good in overall performance. The headphones are handy and compact and will be best for extraordinary daily usage. The price deals available on Amazon are very reasonable, and I recommend you to go for