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Jeremy Renner In Talks For Major Role In ‘Spawn’ Reboot

Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye, the famous member of original Avengers is looking to enter the new world of comic characters. As per the initial reports the actor is being considered for the significant role in Spawn reboot. The reboot came into forefront when creator Todd McFarlane himself announced that he would be directing the movie and with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions as the producer of the film. The movie has been in development for a long time now and a few weeks back the director/creator, Todd McFarlane revealed on social media that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx would portray the role of Spawn.

From that moment on the development around the highly anticipated reboot has picked up the pace and new exciting ideas are being explored for the movie. Now as per the updates Jeremy Renner is the front-runner for the role of Twitch Williams, a fan-favourite NYPD detective. The character of Twitch is supposed to have a major role in the story. It is rumored that quick-witted NYPD detective will team up with Foxx’s Spawn as the duo investigates the murder of Al Simmons’ daughter.

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With the titular character of Spawn remaining silent for the most of the movie, it is expected that significant dialogues will fall in the lap of Twitch. McFarlane first introduced the character of Twitch in 1992’s Spawn; he makes up the half of detective team of Sam and Twitch. Earlier the duo hunted for Spawn because of his lethal activities however soon after knowing the true story of the character they ally with Simmons when faced with demonic forces from hell. There are no updates regarding the actor who will be portraying the role of Sam, but it looks like we will soon get an announcement regarding this as well.

Earlier, while talking about the movie McFarlane also revealed that Spawn would not be like other superhero movie getting released nowadays and will be much dark and gritty. So, it will be interesting to see a different take on Superhero movies. For those who are worried about actor’s role in MCU, it is all cool as fan-favorite actor, Jeremy Renner is still very much attached to the Marvel universe as after missing his spot on the team in the fight against Mad Titan Thanos, the actor will return in Avengers 4 to take on Thanos with the original team.

What are views on the Jeremy Renner being cast in the DC comics movie, Spawn? Do let us know in the comments below.

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