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Joker Origin Movie In Progress with Artists Like Scorsese and Todd Phillips at helm

Last year DC animations released multiple movies which included Justice League Dark Universe and Killing Joke. Out of these two Killing Joke was highly anticipated movie as Joker’s voiceover was done by the ever nefarious and crazy Mark Hamill. His voice brought out the madness which Joker is known for. The film performed well and gave something interesting in a slew of disappointing DC live action movies. Now for all those fans of Killing Joke, there’s good news.

Warner Bros. takes on DC’s most influential and manipulative villain Joker will have cues from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland‘s celebrated/controversial 1988 graphic novel series, which is considered by many the definitive Joker tale. The movie will focus on the origin story of Joker how a failed comedian went down the path of pure evil. The will be helmed by acclaimed director Todd Phillips known for his humorous stories Hangover and War Dogs. He is expected to bring the gritty and dark spin to the origin of Joker with Martin Scorsese serving as the producer. Even the name of Martin lends so much credibility and hope to the movie and also the film to have similarities with Scorsese directed The King of Comedy.


Joaquin Phoenix is expected to portray the role of Batman’s iconic nemesis on the big screen. However, nothing has been confirmed till now. Now as a reader you might have questions circling in mind ” Why DC is bringing another actor after fairly good portrayal by Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto?” The answer to this fundamental question is that this project will have the separate existence from the ongoing DCEU universe and will only expand the Warner Bros. DC comics universe. Yes, there are many complications in doing this as it may ultimately make the character of Joker boring as too many renditions can take out the fun factor. However, on the positive side, we can get a movie which has complete creative freedom and is not brought down by the terrible performance of DCEU universe.

There are still clouds of doubt floating over the project as it was expected to begin the production in 2018 however, as per the recent updates the dates may push to accommodate the rewrites. Phillips is currently co-writing the script with 8 Mile and The Fighter scribe Scott Silver.

With decidedly fewer confirmations and writing still in progress, nothing can be said firmly about this project. However, with names like Martin Scorsese, Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips attached to this film we are excited to see their take on the life of Joker, the most loved villain comic books have ever created.

What do you think about this? Will it able to bring DC back in the game? Do let us know your views.

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