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Joker Origin Movie: Details That Every DC Fan Must Know

DC is planning to make a Joker “Origin” movie, with Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker(rumored), directed by Todd Phillips and produced by Martin Scorsese. Not a part of the DCEU but instead the start of its own banner, the film will be discovering the origins of the Clown Prince of Crime in a new manner, encouraged by the comic ‘The Killing Joke’ and the film ‘The King of Comedy’. It’s treated as a rumor for a long time, but it seems to be finally coming true. Here’s everything we know, and you want to know about the Joker Origin movie.

  • Release Date: Unknown, possibly late 2019
  • Cast: Joaquin Pheonix (rumored)
  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Writers: Todd Phillips and Scott Silver

The Joker Origin Movie Explained

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker origin movie has been decided to put up the origin of the Gotham’s infamous villain “The Joker”. The aim of giving the character an origin film even after the character’s steadfast refusal is quite shocking. The story is going to be influenced by Alan Moore’s comic, The Killing Joke, where the character is shown as a comedian who failed and turned to be a criminal and falls into a container of chemicals. The Joker’s character is same as shown in Tim Burton’s film. The Killing Joke smartly denies the legitimacy of this version by Joker’s statement that If he’s going to have a past, he prefers it to be multiple choice.

This would allow playing around with the theory that there is no valid origin for the character. The angle of a comedian who failed is also a captivating one. Moreover, it is rumoured that the film will be of the period of the 80s like the upcoming Wonder Woman: 1984.

Joaquin Phoenix is Playing the Joker(Rumored)

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

It was clear from the reports that Warner Bros. is going to need a big star for the role of Joker. The first choice was Leonardo Di Caprio which was a high-profile one but, as of now, the alleged Joker is Joaquin Phoenix, the three-time Oscar nominee.

Joaquin Phoenix has never confirmed his contract for the film even if he is asked about it in the interviews. He always avoided the question or denied to answer it as he’s a notoriously private actor, according to interviews. Since the contract has not yet sorted out and maybe DC & Warner Bros. is waiting to make a big announcement for it, like in Comic-Con, he has to stay shut till then even if he had officially signed the contract.

If Joaquin Phoenix has agreed to be a part of the film, this would be good news for WB as he has been joining big-budget franchises like he was close to being the lead actor in Doctor Strange but back out due to multi-film contract. He apparently is interested in these type of films and is ready to take a challenging role like Joker which has been played by more than one actors. Another reason for him to sign the movie can be a non-multi-film (possibly) contract.

Todd Phillips is Writing and Directing the Film

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

The director of the Hangover trilogy is going to direct, co-produce and co-write the Joker Origin Movie, who is none other than Todd Phillips. With The Hangover Trilogy as his best-known work, he has spent around 25 years in film and documentary. His work in comedies includes the most recent 2016’s release Watch Dogs.

The other co-writer with Phillips is going to be Scott Silver, who had done excellent work on rewriting X-Men Origins: Wolverine from the comics. Though the duo has never worked before, it’ll be interesting to see how the movie goes.

The Movie has a Low Budget

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

According to the reports, the movie is going to be on a low budget of around $50-55 million. But for a film influenced by a comic book, this is less. For example, a movie like Avengers: Infinity War had $316-400 million budget. Even, Deadpool had about a $58 million budget.

A low budget will be a right path for this film as this will allow the filmmakers to experiment with new things and give some room for creativity without any significant pressures from the studios. Another benefit of a low budget is a high-profit boost which has to be around $137 million, which is going to be easy due to the recognition the character has. Since the film is apparently going to be R-Rated, low budget is a shrewd move.

The Joker Origin Movie may Start Production in September

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

The reports say that Warner Bros. is going to commence the production of the movie by this September by starting the shooting NYC. According to the start, the first shoot can be ended up till the Christmas like other superhero films. Moreover, Joaquin Phoenix is free for a Fall shoot as he has no other projects, as of now.

The Joker Origin Movie could Release in 2019

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

There is no rumour or any speculation regarding the release date of the movie. However, according to the information gained, it would be feasible to release the film in 2019 according to the priority status. An R-Rated Joker movie can account for the exciting films, Shazam and Wonder Woman: 1984.

The Joker Movie may Start the DC Dark Franchise

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker Origin Movie is going to start DC’s darker, adult films which will be kind of non-DCEU, i.e., out of the main DC Universe. The idea to bring about the DC Dark/Black will be like comics, i.e., bringing out different characters keeping them outside the main universe and giving the creators new subjects to experiment with.

The DC Dark/Black aims for those characters rather villains who have not find their path to the big screen yet. It gives DC an opportunity to tell stories of those characters which are yet to be told. Similar to Deadpool and Logan, there is more audience for adult comic book movies.

The Situation with Jared Leto’s Joker

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad was not that much appreciated and had around 15 minutes screen time. But, Phoenix is not going to take the place of Leto’s Joker as this film is not a part of DCEU and is a separate film made by DC and Warner Bros. Leto’s Joker is getting another solo movie within the DCEU and other with Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie). Leto is a part of more of an official franchise than Phoenix, and Warner Bros. is going to make good use of him.

There is no Official Trailer or Poster Yet

Joker Origin Movie Joaquin Phoenix

There is no official information of any release of poster or teaser-trailer of the film. It is quite evident as we are far away from the production date. Though it is possible to get a concept art or a title for the movie in the Comic-Con as an announcement for the film. Moreover, it will take time to see Phoenix in the Joker’s shoes.

What are views on the Joker Origin Movie currently in development starring Joaquin Phoenix? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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