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Joseph Kahn’s Concept Art From ‘Justice League Dark’ Pitch is Stunning

Joseph Kahn Unveils Concept Art For Justice League Dark

DC is having a hard time at the box-office as recently their most anticipated movie ‘Justice League‘ came nowhere near its competitor Marvel. Apart from this DC’s films had been in and out of production for many times. Justice League Dark is no exception to this currently, as the status of this one is as thin as DC beating Marvel.

Yes, we got ourselves an animated Justice League Dark at the beginning of this year and was a good movie. We have observed for a long time that DC has always been better than Marvel at making the animated films.

DC also wants to bring the live-action version of the movie whose script has been penned by Gerard Johnstone and Jon Spaihts, with Doctor Strange for Marvel to his credits. However, after the exit of director Doug Liman, the dark clouds are looming over the film. With a sharp script in their hands, DC needs a visionary to helm this movie and bring these strange characters to life.

Earlier, DC was approached by the Guillermo Del Toro with his idea for the Justice League Dark, however eventually things didn’t materialize. Also, Joseph Kahn of ‘Power Rangers’ short from 2015 fame had pitched DC with his concept art of various characters & an animation test around two years back. He has a good experience in directing the short movies and music videos.

Justice League Dark Concept Art

Joseph Kahn took over Twitter yesterday as he gave us the glimpse of his concept arts & test. From, the animation test it is evident that he has good knowledge of each character, as he captured minute details of Swamp Thing. The concept art for Constantine & Santana has been developed keeping the particular actor in mind which he had planned to cast in that role. These arts have been developed in collaboration with  IronKlad Studios which is famous for its work on popular gaming series like Halo5, Tom Clancy’s Division ,etc. These concept arts look so fantastic; however, it will be difficult to see the same actors in that part as Dan Stevens has joined the army of marvel with series Legion. Kahn surely has a vision but being a fresher it will be difficult for him to grab this big of a project.

Concept Art By Justin Goby Fields & Joseph Kahn

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