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Jurassic World Alive AMC Theaters and Walmart Special Event is live

The incredible success of the Pokemon GO has completely changed the mindsets of game developers, that how efficiently the AR and VR can be used in the game for an entertaining and fun purpose.

Following the same footsteps, Jurassic World Alive was released on 6th March 2018. With the latest update, the game is looking to define the success of Pokemon Go again.

Jurassic World Alive is a mobile game which allows to catch and incubate the virtual Dinosaurs eggs just like Pokemon Go. It also allows you to fight with another player and their dinosaur.

The game has been developed by NBC Universal, is now getting promoted under the hood of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie which is to be launched this Friday.

In the recent update, the NBC has collaborated with AMC Theatre and Walmart, to add these sites to the game and visiting these sites will offer you tons of different rewards.

Jurassic World Alive AMC Theaters and Walmart

Jurassic World Alive AMC Theaters and Walmart

The players who will visit the Walmart will get a special Sponsored Supply Drop and the players visiting the AMC theatre will get AMC Epic Incubators as rewards. These deductions have made by the courtesy of the Metahub.

  • Available only in the US and Canada in participating AMC Theatres
  • AMC Theatres appear orange on the map
  • They appear from miles away
  • Players can get only one AMC Epic Incubator
  • Rewards do not appear to vary according to a player’s level
  • Rewards appear to vary randomly
  • Rewards seem to guarantee DNA for at least 1 Rare, 1 Epic and the Legendary
  • Indominus Rex

Jurassic World Alive AMC Theaters and Walmart

  • The rewards may contain one, several or all of the followings:
    coins which appear to vary according to one’s level;
    3300 DNA for Velociraptor (Common);
    3300 DNA for Triceratops Gen 2 (Common);
    330 DNA for Spinosaurus (Rare);
    330 DNA for Dilophosaurus (Rare);
    260 DNA for Ankylosaurus (Epic);
    260 DNA for Tyranosaurus Rex (Epic);
    20 DNA for Indominus Rex (Legendary).

The players can get additional rewards for posting their photos on the social media with #JWUnleashedhashtag.

As many players visit the store in lure of exciting rewards will add in for the promotion of the store and will also boost the store sales indirectly. This event has started on July 6 and will stay live till July 31st, 2018


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