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Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom: Claire in tune with the film as a DPG Head

Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom serves us another trailer portraying Claire Dearing, with a sheer new career perspective and a new role as founder/head of the Dinosaur Protection Group. It’s quite the flip to go from “Let’s put these resurrected monsters on display for fun and profit at the incredible risk to innocent human lives,” to “Let’s make sure these poor, exploited giant creatures are protected at all costs, including the incredible risk to innocent human lives.” This is definitely in tune with the film’s reported “animal welfare” approach to the story but hoo boy does it have a very silly feel to it, as revealed in a new video. As Claire was earlier shown as the title park’s operations manager, winding up the role in ruinous way.

jurassic world

This new trailer showcased Claire spreading the word about trying to save the dinos, inscribing the corporation that created them, and dropping the occasional factoid about the prehistoric creatures. As the fictional (DPG) group came into existence last December, since then the organisation has monitored the possible extinction hint i.e. the volcanic eruption of Mount Sibo on Isla Nublar. Claire here has been shown making children aware of different kinds of dinosaurs and their species. She is also seen sharing that many people loved Jurassic World and any wished and wishes to know about it being so inquisitive, giving voice to her mission about having concern for safety and protection of these giant creatures, so that future generation can also enjoy the same experience like we did. We also heard her saying rather asking the children over there, “ Are you going to be the part of the generation who decided to have dinosaurs go extinct or will you try to support to make sure that dinos can stay alive for future generation.

Appealing it to be mandatory to save the dinosaurs, lets see what does DPG holds to anticipation in the movie. Movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on june,22, 2018, with an early release in United Kingdom on June 7, 2018.


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