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Justice League Movie Review !! Together but not Great ” Lacklustre”

Justice League is the DCEU’s first big ‘team up’ movie. The synopsis follows Batman and Wonder
Woman uniting together to recruit meta humans to help defend the world from an imminent
invasion by Steppenwolf and his army of para-demons.

If there was one word to describe 2017’s Justice League, it would be ‘lacklustre’. The whole
atmosphere seemed very incoherent.

Justice League Movie Review


This is a very different Zack Snyder film. It’s not like Watchmen, nor is it like Man of Steel and BvS:
Dawn of Justice. The main difference is the quite obvious inclusion of humour. This change however
could be blamed on Joss Whedon as he had to replace Snyder near the end of the films production
due sadly, to Zack Snyder’s daughter passing away. Nevertheless, the humour only worked at times
and its failure seemed to be most memorable.

Justice League Movie Review

Justice League fits a lot of new characters into its two-hour run time, but hardly does any of them
‘justice’. It is obvious that they had to already fit a lot of scenes into the film but for some reason
they thought it was a good idea to waste time showing how an irrelevant family reacted to the

‘Steppenwolf’ is the antagonist in Justice League but he had motivations that were not very clear.
Even when the film tries to describe it to you, it still seems minimal.The character development was alright, but seemed to only work for characters that were not new
and were in previous films, like Batman and Wonder Woman. Then for characters that were new like
Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash they had limited dialog and some slight characterisation, but
altogether their character development was relatively poor. For instance, three new meta humans
were introduced: Aquaman who is an Atlantean and joins the fight due to Steppenwolf stealing one
of the mother boxes from Atlantis. There is also The Flash who can run at super speeds. He joins the
fight due to wanting to make friends! Finally, there’s Cyborg who has a mechanical body further
powered by the mother boxes. He joins the fight due to his connection with the mother boxes and
when his father gets kidnapped by Steppenwolf and his minions.
Superman is arguably one of the best characters in the film, heavily due to Henry Cavill’s brilliant
performance. Superman fits into the film when resurrected by the team to help defeat Steppenwolf
and separate the mother boxes. He joins the team in the final fight.

The soundtrack is fairly scattered in its homage to classic scores from previous DC films, varying from
rock to classical which was a bit odd.
The CG is truly horrendous in some scenes when obviously ‘green screen’ yet at other times the CG
is great.
The pacing isn’t great. The first half of the film is very mediocre as it tries to setup the films other
half. It does this in a boring way due to most of what it shows being in the trailer. However, the
second half ramps things up and it becomes considerably more entertaining.

Justice League is an entertaining yet flawed film. I had a lot of fun with it and I’m sure you will too.

Final Verdict : Justice League gets a 7/10.


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