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KAHANIBAAZ Short Film starring Ashish Vidyarthi by Large and Short Films

Royal Stag Barrel Select Large and Short Films presents Sandeep Varma’s latest short film ‘KAHANIBAAZ’, starring Ashish Vidyarthi. It is a short and interesting drama and thriller film featuring a cab driver ( played by Ashish Vidyarthi).

Firstly, let’s talk about Ashish’s acting, he gives the audience reliably strong performance. The film proceeds to pull a stunt or two and finally it revolves around the widespread malaise of domestic violence.


Vidyarthi plays a cab driver, who picks up a young south Indian couple on their way to Shirdi. He likes to talk and soon strike a conversation with them. He seems to dislike the husband when he finds him guilty of domestic violence. Cab driver, with his visible hatred starts telling them a story of an abusive husband and his traumatized son. The rising tension in the car comes to a head at the end of Vidyarthi’s story. The protagonist is having a hard time to come in terms with the assault he has been facing since his childhood. He resorts to violence and revenge the moment he suspects a similar situation around him. Since his childhood he has seen his drunkard father come home and beating the hell out of his wife and also pounce upon him with his belt. And in the present situation, where he is a grown-up man who works as a cab driver, he faces the same situation at his house. He is traumatized since his childhood and unable to do something against this even after growing up, he vents his anger out on anyone who sees portraying domestic violence is any sense. Same happens with the young couple in the car, when he senses that the husband hits his wife sometimes after coming home drunk, he stops the car with the halt and beat him.



Viewers should watch out for the amazing acting by Ashish Vidyarthi and the very well written storyline. There are some parts where the viewers will be forced to think upon what will happen next. This short film is good take on domestic violence. The plot is quite intriguing and different which attracts the audience. It wants to show the good and bad side of a vigilante and it succeeds in doing so.

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