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Short Film: ‘Kartaa’ Review – A Hard Hitting and Riveting Masterpiece

Royal Stag Large Short films has again brought a riveting and realistic story to life. Kartaa is a short movie presented by well-known director Anurag Kashyap and directed by Randeep Jha. Adhamya Bhalla and Randeep Jha has written the screenplay for this hard-hitting masterpiece and the latter captured each scene with great finesse. The movie stars Digamber Prasad, Priyanka Pathak, and Hareesh Chhabra in the titular role. Prior to this Randeep Jha has worked as an assistant director under Anurag Kashyap for Mukabaaz and that experience is visible in this one.

What is the Story of ‘Kartaa’?

Kartaa is a Hindi word which means The Provider. The story revolves around the typical man leaving in the urban city of Delhi who is the sole provider for the family. Digamber Prasad portrays the role of Akhilesh, a property dealer whose one of the high profile deals goes south because the owner of the property gets convicted for the murder of his wife and daughter. A builder named Gupta, who has given the token amount of 10 lakhs for the property starts getting impatient because of the delay in the deal. Along with this, Akhilesh’s life is already in shambles because of his failure as a property dealer which slowly drags him towards bankruptcy.


His life completely gets engulfed in the debts and failure as he is not even able to pay the school fees for his kid. All hell breaks loose when bank asks him to vacate the home for auction, and he finds himself alone dealing with all the problems laid on him by his failures and life.

What makes ‘Kartaa’ a worth watch?

The highlight of this twenty-minute masterpiece is that throughout the movie, you will feel like you are closely witnessing the life of a person getting unfold in front of you in reality. Randeep Jha with Digamber Prasad in the titular role has told a story that touches your heart and soul. The cinematographer Sunny Banerjee with his close up and dark shot adds another level of intensity to the story. While watching it, you may realize that with so many people like Akhilesh you cross paths daily who are dealing with problems like these because of money and some bad decisions. The part which hits you the hardest is that there is no way he can start living his life again.

Digamber Prasad’s power-packed performance takes this realistic story to just another level. As a viewer, you will feel sorry for the pain and situation he is going through. He has wholly gotten into the skin of the character, and his eyes tell the story of his failures.

The movie has a climactic ending which will surely leave you on the edge of your seats, and it’s up to you to assume the end you feel comfortable with. Randeep Jha undoubtedly has a high potential in him, and we will eagerly wait for his next venture.

What makes ‘Kartaa’ a thumbs down?

We sincerely weren’t able to find any flaws in this short film, and we assure that you will like it too.

Rating – 4.5/5 stars

Catch Hard Hitting Story by Randeep Jha and Anurag Kashyap Here –

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