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Kashmir Review, The Beauty Of Life We Are Deprived Of

Kashmir is an astounding short film by TTT (Terrible Tiny Tales) written and directed by Sugandha Garg and it stars Manav Kaul, Avijit Dutt and Faisal Batliwala. This beautiful short is about introspection and understanding. How we don’t know ourselves and when we confront ourselves with us and our relationships with our loved ones whom we have lost and miss.

What does Kashmir serve?

Kashmir is a beautiful short which begins with Manav Kaul sitting alone, upset and bereaved of his loss and suddenly he is shown in conversation with his father played by Avijit Dutt who is no more in real life. Both father and son discuss what they miss in life and Manav shares with him that he isn’t understanding himself, while the funeral ceremony of his father is taking place in real life, but he, in a quiet and peaceful place shown sitting with his father asking him how should he behave and what should he do in order to understand himself.

There comes a point where Avijit asks his son Vicky (Manav) that how is Kashmir and their home now onto which the son replies that it is demolished and they share words about the beauty, snow and view of Kashmir. Avijit asks him how do I look and Vicky tells, ‘you look rigid and they (referring to people performing funeral ritual) are asking me to apply some ghee on your body which is metaphorical and gives a message that we become rigid and stern regarding our decisions, choices, rules and even in the way of living life which leaves space for no flexibility and apply ghee on the dead body means to be open-minded and embracing the change which makes you live your life with flow. Manav then asks the same question from his son, “How do I look?” The young son here says that I am 40 and it depicts that it doesn’t matter how old you grow but the child within you never dies.


Final Verdict For Kashmir.

Kashmir is an amazing short full of metaphorical representations and with a great message. The cast is undoubtedly praise-worthy and director did a spectacular job. Live your life to the fullest you never know when is your last day here and you may or may or not get someone to talk to after your death. Have no regrets, expectations and rigidity while living this very moment. A short with no flaws.


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