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Keanu Reeves May Step Into Superhero Shoes Once Again For Netflix

Keanu Reeves is the one versatile who always amazes us with whatever shoes he gets in. Almost a decade after bringing DC’s Constantine on the big screen he will be back as vigilante superhero. As per the reports by Deadline, John Wick actor is being eyed to lead the high-profile superhero flick for the Netflix titled Past Midnight. We know that it is huge news for all the Keanu fans however currently much is not known about the script or the story of the movie. Everything is being kept tightly under wraps by the streaming giant and but it is being described as “a new type of vigilante superhero story.”


TJ Fixman writes the film, and RickFamuyiwa is at the helm of the movie which is known for directing Dope. Earlier Rick was associated with DC’s The Flash standalone movie however due to the creative differences he dropped out of it. The film also includes names like Joe and Anthony Russo as the producer both of them known for their artistic vision which has played the significant role in spearheading the Marvel cinematic universe with movies like Captain America Civil War and upcoming Avengers movie.

With creative visionaries like these at the helm of the Netflix movie, we are certain that something spell-bounding is coming our way. Along with that if Keanu joins this fantastic ensemble, who in recent times has proven his mettle with action flick franchise John Wick. He is the most versatile actor who can pull of any role be it comedy, romance, action or drama with great finesse.

In last year itself, Netflix has ramped up its original movies production and also got themselves a considerable box-office success by the end of the year in ‘Bright’. The film was bashed by the critics however it came on top as audiences welcomed this Will Smith Sci-Fi comedy with open arms. Past-Midnight looks like just another high-profile movie from the Netflix and it will be interesting to see how things come together.




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