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Kenneth Branagh Plans to Create Agatha Christie Cinematic Universe

Will we get a world full of mystery & thrill created by Agatha Christie?

Kenneth Branagh had a fantastic year as he was a part of two of the most successful movies of the year. In Christopher Nolan’s world war II action-drama ‘Dunkirk’ he played Commander Bolton and other being his directorial venture,  ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in which he also starred and the film performed well at the box office.

Murder on the Orient Express

Now, Branagh has started work on the pre-production of a movie based on another one of Agatha Christie’s novel, ‘Death on the Nile’. The film will be a sequel to 2017 release ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ where he will reprise the role of Hercule Poirot.

In a recent interview with AP, Branagh said that he could envision an entire cinematic universe based on the iconic writer’s work. Agatha Christie is known for her 66 detective novels which revolved around popular characters like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. He also added “I think there are possibilities, aren’t there? With 66 books and short stories and plays, she — and she often brings people together in her books, so innately — she enjoyed that.”

Now, that’s what you call a fantastic news.Being a Christie fan ourselves these words are like sweet music to our ears. Imagine a cinematic universe of crime, mystery, and thriller and characters like Poirot, Mrs. Marple, etc. crossing each other’s path! We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that Kenneth Branagh, the flag bearer of Christie’s work soon will take this amazing idea to higher executives up at 20th Century Fox.

Coming back to the currently in production ‘Death on the Nile’,  the film will focus on the themes like obsessive love and jealousy.  This time, we will see Poirot solving a multiple murder mystery on the cruise ship. Talking about ‘Death on the Nile’ Branagh said that he is very excited to bring an ensemble cast together which may include his very close “old friends” i. As the movie dabbles with elements of love, jealousy, and sex, the natural connection between actors will add more power to each scene.


With the success of Murder on the Orient Express behind him and immense talent which he possesses, We are eagerly awaiting for Death On the Nile to come to life from the odd brown pages written by Dame Agatha Christie.

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