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Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers, Release Date

In this post we will be discussing the Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers. Before moving on to Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers, let’s have a rundown of what went on in Kingdom Chapter 568. Kingdom Chapter 568 was titled “The Strongest Warrior”.

Kingdom Chapter 568 focused on how Yotanwa lost the battle. In the aftermath of the battle she lost a large portion of her army which had forced her to retreat back. Another highlight of the episode was the intense encounter of Kou Son Ryuu encountering Yotanwa but not being able to take her out.

Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers

Ba Jio was the one in this chapter who had cut the hand of his enemy and helped in Yotanwa making an escape. In this sense it was probably Ba Jio who was the strongest warrior as seen in the title of the chapter.

Now let’s move on to the Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers.

Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 569 and the chapters following it will probably be focussing on the men being freed from the tyrannical reign of Rozo. Rozo has already threatened his men and their families that he will kill them if they betray him. It will be interesting to see if the men are able to free themselves from the clutches of Rozo.

The next chapter will probably give a lot of information as to how the current battle will be progressing. It is to be seen what actions will follow from Yotonawa and Ba Jio now that they have escaped the enemies.

Kingdom Chapter 569 Spoilers

Now let’s see what Kingdom Chapter 569 has in stores for it’s legion of fans. The Kingdom series has been highly popular in Japan for it’s action and storytelling and it is no wonder as can be seen from the way the current chapters have been progressing the story forward.

Kingdom Chapter 569 will be releasing on 22. August. 2018.


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