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Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers Release Date, Story Plot

Kingdom manga is an adventure and fantasy based manga and has been penned by Yasuhisa Hara. In the last few manga chapters, we have witnessed epic battles and the turn of events which has taken place is showcasing the bravery of Ba Jio. In the article below, we will discuss the current chapter and speculate about the possible Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers.

Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers – Bajio oath 

Before proceeding to the next chapter spoilers let us gather the happenings of the Kingdom Chapter 569, we have observed that the Ba Jio holds Yotanwa and jumps off to the other side of the cliff to save themselves from the army of Kou Son Ryuu. Both Yotanwa and Ba Jio can be seen lying on the ground watching the sky and discussing their previous battles. There was a sweet moment, which showcases Ba Jio at an early age and taken by Yotanwa as part of the family and then Bai Jo remembers his oath. Meanwhile, The Gan Tribe uses the bridge on the east side to get on the other side of the cliff and to capture the Mountain King. The tribe attacks both Yotanwa and Ba Jio, as both of them has already been exhausted after prolonged battle earlier. Yotanwa got captured and Ba Jio also gets thrashed away. Then Ba Jio remembers his oath to protect the Yotanwa at any cost, even at the cost of his life. So he smashes all the enemies surrounding him. On the other hand, the sun was about to rise and we see Chieftain Pipo and his men along with karjin tribe. They were so surprised that Yotanwa used herself as bait but now the Old Enpo and his clan will conquer the Quanrong city and the rest will rendezvous.

Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers

The Kingdom Chapter 570 will be a decisive one and a lot of big events could take place. Ba Jio and Yotanwa are already in pretty bad shape. Even though Ba Jio has taken an oath to protect Yotanwa but he is already exhausted and will not be able to do much. The possibility is Heki or Mera tribe will come to the rescue of Yotanwa. Even if they capture the Quarong city, the Zhao will get Yotanwa captured. It is not possible for Yotanwa and Ba Jio to repel them unless Heki comes to their rescue. We can’t see anything good happen when Yotanwa is captured and Quarong city is in Qin’s hands, so she won’t be captured

But it is looking more certain now, death flags are surrounding the Bajio.

Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 570 Manga Spoilers

The list of events which could take place in the Kingdom Chapter 570 follows below

  • Heki or Mera Tribe comes to the rescue and delays them at Yotanwa position.
  • Qin captures Quarong City.
  • Many Quarong defect or surrender.
  • Lot of Quarong want to kill their king for their friend’s and family deaths.

Kingdom Chapter 570 Release Date (Kingdom Chapter 570 Spoilers )

The Kingdom Chapter 570 will be released on 29th August 2018.


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