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Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers, Release Date, Leaks

Kingdom Manga is an adventure based manga and it has been penned down by the author Yasuhisa Hara. In the chapters going underway, we have been witnessing epic battle and great order of event happening. In the article below, we discuss the chapter 571 and talk about the possible Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers.

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers

Before talking about the Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers, let us gather the happenings in the last chapter. In the last chapter of Kingdom, we have observed, the battle between the Feego King tribe and Rozo army commences. On the other hand, we have seen the entry of Heki and Mera Tribe. Kitari dono says to General Heki take the head of Rozo and you can redeem for your mistakes. She also teases Heki for being a weak man, as he could not even save his food from getting burnt.

Mera tribe Kitari says Heki to go after Rozo, whereas she will fight with the Bunen, brother of Rozo.

Although SSJ has heard the plan, Yotanwa another group is taking over the Quanrong City led by Enpo. But he can’t do much now, as the group is just about to reach the place

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers

In the next chapter of Kingdom, we will see an epic battle between Feego King, Heki Vs Rozo. We think one of them might be able to take down Rozo or even kill him.There are also speculations Feego King might die in this battle, he will wound the Rozo enough before dying such that Heki can make a kill. While Kitari Dono will fight against the Bunen, it will be interesting to see what will happen in their fight. On the other side, Enpo and group will start taking over the Quanrong City

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers

For a moment we can say that Yotanwa and Ba Jio will stay safe until some strange events take place in the next chapter.

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers

It will be interesting to see, how things unfold in the next chapter of Kingdom

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga Spoilers 

Kingdom Chapter 572 Manga has been scheduled to be released on 12th September 2018.


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