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KingRichard Fortnite Settings And Keybindings, Who Is KingRichard

Once again I will reveal some more Fortnite Settings in this post. As you can see winning and building in Fortnite requires a lot of skills with perfect key bindings and settings. Many of you seek some good Fortnite Settings to improve your skills and gameplay on the internet. So, in this post, I will share KingRichard Fortnite Settings along with his gaming gears and PC specifications.

KingRichard Fortnite Settings

Before checking some pro Fortnite Settings, let’s have a look at who is KingRingchard? and what are his interests?

Who Is KingRichard?

KingRichard Fortnite Settings

KingRichard is one of the famous Fortnite Players from Philadelphia. He is full-time Twitch Streamer but sometimes he streams on YouTube. His Twitch Channel has 874K followers with 13M views whereas YouTube channel has only 136K subscribers with 5M views.

KingRichard Fortnite Settings

You can find KingRichard’s game settings, video settings, keybindings, gaming gears and pc specifications below.

KingRichard Fortnite Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode: WindowedFullscreen
Resolution: 1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit: Unlimited
3D Resolution: 100% 1920×1080
View Distance: Epic
Shadows: Off
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Textures: Low
Effects: Low
Post Processing: Low
Vsync: Off
Motion Blur: Off
Show FPS: On


KingRichard Fortnite Settings

KingRichard Game Settings

Game settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity: 0.10
ADS Sens: 0.71
Scope Sensitivity: 0.71
Mouse DPI: 400
Polling rate 1000 Hz

KingRichard Fortnite Keybindings

Action Input
Use F
Jump Spacebar
Trap Equip/Picker T
Crouch Left Ctrl
Weapon Slot 1 E
Weapon Slot 2 Thumb Mouse Button 2
Weapon Slot 3 Thumb Mouse Button
Weapon Slot 4 4
Ability Slot 1 X
Ability Slot 2 C
Switch Quickbar n/a
Building Slot 1 (Wall) Q
Building Slot 2 (Platform) 2
Building Slot 3 (Ramp) 1
Building Slot 4 3
Trap Slot Middle Mouse Button (Scroll)


KingRichard Gaming Gears

KingRichard PC Specs

KingRichard Fortnite Gameplay


If I am not playing games, I am probably writing about them. Electrical Engineer by profession but from the past two years, I've been enjoying my life in journalism and media industry.

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