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Who Is Kozuki Family In One Piece, How It Is The Cause Of Wano Arc In One Piece?

In today’s post, we will briefly discuss the Kozuki family and how it is connected to the beast pirates and Wano Arc of One Piece Manga. So, this post may contain One Piece manga spoilers if you don’t like spoilers then you should not read this post. Let’s get started with a brief introduction of Kozuki family or clan in One Piece.

Who Is Kozuki Family In One Piece?

As you know One Piece has finally entered in Wano Arc from the last few chapters and since its beginning, Kozuki Family has been mention several times and the beast pirates considered as them as evil. Beast Pirates hates Kozuki Family so much that they killed everybody who spilled information about the Kozuki Family to the visitors. Now, a question arises whether Kozuki Family was an evil clan or they were a proud warrior of Wano Country? Let ‘s see all answers about Kozuki Family one by one.

Kozuki Family or you can say Kozuki Clan were proud samurai warriors of the Wano Country. The ruled Wano Country for about 20 years. If you still remember, they were the founder of legendary structures, Poneglyphs. You can say that they are indirectly the creator of the route to the Raftel with road Poneglyphs.

Kozuki Family

Kozuki Family has been loyal friends with people of Mokomo Dukedom or Zou from very long time. Their clan has now only five known retainers, three from Wano Country -Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and Raizo and two from Mokomo Dukedom -Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. All of them bear the Kozuki Family crest on their bodies as a way of identification.

Kozuki Family And Wano Arc In One Piece

Now let’s talk about the Kozuki Family’s involvement in Wano Arc. It all started with the story of Kozuki Oden, Kozuki Momonosuke’s father.

He was daimyo of Kuri in Wano country and last one from the ancient Kozuki Family who was able to read Poneglyphs language. Oden was also a member of Roger Pirates and had been at Raftel. When Beast Pirates attacked him and asked him about Raftel’s location and Poneglyphs, he denied and sacrifices himself to let his son and other retainers of the Kozuki clan escape.

Kozuki Family

Momonosuke’s Adventure

Filled with a dream of completing his father’s goal to make Wano open to the world Momonosuke and the retainers headed for Zou to meet the other two retainers but their ship gets wrecked. Raizo was separated from them, but he was able to reach the Zou before them. At Dressrossa, Momonosuke was packed on a ship heading for Punk Hazard after hiding from the guards. Kanjuro sacrificed himself to help him and  Kin’emon to reached Punk Hazard. At Punk Hazard he was caught by Caesar’s guard as a testing subject where he ate Vegapunk’s artificial devil fruit and end up in the garbage dump after escaping from the guards.

There he met Luffy there and then after defeating Caesar he reunited with Kin’emon and then headed with Luffy to Dressrosa to rescue Kanjuro. Luffy helped him a lot during the Dressrosa arc.

After defeating Doflamingo and rescuing Kanjuro, he reached Zou along with Luffy where he saw mink tribe protected Raizo and serve their loyalty to them. When Luffy saw Mink Tribe and their strong bond, he asked their reason behind this. Then Momonosuke and the retainers revealed the true purpose of their mission to the Luffy. Like always Luffy, decided to help them and formed a Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance and sends retainers except for Momonosuke, Heart Pirates and part of the Straw Hat Pirates to Wano country to investigate and to gather all information about Beast Pirates until his return from Big Cake Island. Momonosuke decided to stay on Zou to communicate with Zunisha ( a giant elephant on which Zou is located) as he can hear the voice of all things. So this sets the base of Wano Arc in One Piece manga.

One Piece Manga Wano Arc

One Piece 917 Spoilers

Until Luffy’s chaos in chapter 916, they were infiltrating Wano country in disguise. But now as Luffy himself has created a lot of rumble in Bakura Town along with Zoro against SMILE user Holdem, they might show themselves in upcoming chapters. Law also uncovered himself from the shadows to stop Luffy from creating chaos, but he might even end up taking part in the ongoing fight in One Piece Chapter 917.

So,this is all about the history of Ozuki Family in One Piece and how it is the primary cause of much anticipated Wano Arc in One Piece. Stay tuned to get more information of One Piece Chapter 917 and Wano Arc.

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