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Kriarj Slammed Officially For Material Breaches By JA Entertainment Regarding PARMANU Movie.

Kriarj has no right on Parmanu Movie, says JA Entertainment.

Actor and filmmaker John Abraham has ceased his company, JA Entertainment’s partnership with Kriarj Entertainment and slammed the latter for “material breaches”, including non-payment, and said it has no rights over the movie “Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran”. Abraham’s production house JA Entertainment published a trade notice in a city paper on Sunday, declaring that it was ending its partnership with Prerna Arora’s KriArj Entertainment.

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After the contract cessation of John Abraham Entertainment and KriArj Entertainment regarding the delay of their film Parmanu, JA Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the same, today. Look at the statements said:
“Termination of the agreement by us is valid and legal. KriArj has committed material breaches which left us with no choice but to terminate in the interest of the film. We would like to state that this extreme step has been taken by us after days of trying to resolve the issues at hand in the best interest of the release of the film.”
“We have fulfilled our commitment at every stage of this project and intimated KriArj in writing from time to time. We have been waiting and asking for payments at every stage. Our payments have either been delayed or we have received wrong UTR number.”
“Cheque payments have been stopped time and again. Delay in payments / non-payments have caused delays in the post-production work after the film’s principal shoot was completed in time and on schedule last year.”

Kriarj said in a response that JA Entertainment’s decision was “invalid and illegal”.
“Please note that the said termination is illegal and invalid. Our rights in the film as a joint producer/presenter and owner of all rights are fully secured, we have always fulfilled all our commitments till date and have clear intent to continue doing so,” Kriarj said.
The production house, which has just emerged from a legal row with filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor over “Kedarnath”, accused JA Entertainment of not fulfilling its commitment to complete “Parmanu”.

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Onto which JA Entertainment also mentioned that:
“Our repeated follow-ups have only been met with false promises to settle the issue, thus wasting crucial time on the project. The industry knows of the track record of KriArj. There has been a similar incident in the past with another film where they have done the same thing.”
“Given the above and in the best interest of the film, we have terminated our contract with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and will soon announce the release schedule.”

“Any future attempts by KriArj to jeopardize the film or defame the production house and/or the film, like they have done in the past with other films, will compel us to initiate legal proceedings against them.”


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