Friday, May 20, 2022
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KUR Update Version 0.7.9 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing blood decals not to reset when restarting a level.
  • Fixed a bug causing UI text to be rendered inconsistently.
  • Fixed broken UVs in levels 1-8.
  • Fixed many door consoles that weren’t properly changing materials when used.
  • Fixed incorrectly rotating valves in level 7.
  • Optimized decals so they have less performance impact.
  • Optimized shotgun shots so they have less performance impact.
  • Gibs, Acid Flows, explosions, and other particle based visual effects have been updated.
  • Swimming, water entry, and exit sounds have been added.
  • Added impact explosion for Hellfire incendiary rounds.
  • OTIS miniboss in level 5 can now attack the player if they are standing on the console.
  • Level 7 flow has been slightly modified to include a platforming area in the generator room.
  • Minor model modifications to Health packs and Bouncing Betty Ammo.
  • Blood and acid decal visuals have been updated.
  • UI Notifications for pickups will now queue rather than be overwritten.

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