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Ladies First Review – A Perfect Woman’s Day Gift from Netflix

Ladies First, a truly inspiring and thoughtful movie on Archer Deepika Kumari

Ladies First is a Netflix original documentary based on the life of Indian Archer, Deepika Kumari. The streaming giant released it on the World Woman’s Day as a gift and thankful gratitude to all the Women who overcome various problems and inequality in the community to fulfil their dreams and led a life they have aspired. The movie highlights how the situation in Urban India is entirely different from the rural regions, where men are given preference over women be it sports or other work. A girl’s life begins in four walls and ends in the same doing just household chores. The story showcases how Deepika overcame all these adversities and became the World number one archer in 4 years.

Ladies First – A salute to the youngest World Number One Archer

The documentary opens with a rather powerful message given by Deepika herself as she says “If I respond with words people might forget, but if I respond with my arrows they’ll never forget.” The 39-minute film beautifully captures the story of Deepika who hails from the 2nd most impoverished state in India, with her mom working as a nurse in small hospital and father who is an auto driver trying to make ends meets to provide for his family. They all live in a ramshackle of a house with Deepika’s uncle and aunt. She is brought up in an environment where her uncle used to beat her mother for working, and he admits this without any shame on the camera.

So, to run away from this suffocating atmosphere and help her family to have a better life she joins archery not because of her love for the game but the free meals. However, who knew at that moment that after four years of her joining she will become the world number one archer after winning the world cup. The uniqueness of this brief documentary is that it captures the struggle which Deepika has gone through and how she was able to achieve what she dreamt.


However, her struggle didn’t come to an end when she became World number one and provided her family with a home. She somewhat failed at world level and was not able to achieve the dream of winning a gold medal at Olympics. This is where film throws light on the failure of the Indian government to provide for proper infrastructure and facilities for the athlete who wants to earn a medal for his/her country. The film is not only about the success of Deepika or her failure instead it is about giving equal opportunity to a woman who is no less than a man in any field. Deepika serves as the powerful example of a woman who can work wonders even when the whole world is against her.

The documentary by Urzaan Bahl makes you ponder on a thought that if we put Ladies First and let them take their own decisions what a beautiful and progressing world it will be. Deepika being a shy, reserved and a girl who barely speaks has set an example for the world to look up to. The director has captured the innocence of Deepika with finesse and gets you all emotional by the end.


Verdict –

Overall, Ladies First is a must watch the documentary which nicely portrays the power and determination of a woman. There will not be single moment throughout the movie where you will feel bored rather you will be left wanting more. The only drawback of the documentary is the short length. But on whole it is the perfect movie which tackles various points in relatively short run time.

Rating – 4.5/5 stars

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