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Maya Review – A Unique Short Film Which You Can Enjoy

Maya is a short film. The duration of this short film is 17 minutes and 30 seconds. It has been made under the banner of Barrel Select Large Short Films. It has been written and Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and stars Padmapriya and Abir Chatterjee.
Maya is a story of a building love story over the telephonic conversations and some mysteries. Anjan, falls in love with the daughter of his music teacher as he goes every Saturday for piano classes.

Large Short Films Maya Review

The story is about the growing friendship of Maya and Anjan. Anjan is portrayed as a very introvert and shy, but on the contrary, Maya is an ever cheerful and an extrovert girl. Anjan, being an introvert, falls in love with Maya, but fails to express it. Unable to control his feelings, one day Anjan dresses up as old Bollywood heroes, lights a cigarette and dials Maya’s number. This wrong number telephonic conversation went on for days until he realized that she too had fallen for the guy she was talking to on the phone.

The end of the movie was quite unexpected as he suddenly stops talking to her via the wrong number calls. It remains a mystery for the viewers as to why it happened, why he suddenly stopped talking to the girl he loved. This short film tried its best but could not live up to the expectations.

You can give it a one time watch and do let us know your views on the same in our comment section.

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