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Large Short Films ‘TU’ Review – A Rather Bland Movie You Can Skip

Large Short Films presents “TU”. ‘Tu’ is a 7 minute long, short film directed and written by Rahul Nangia. It stars Sayani Gupta and Arjun Radhakrishnan. This short film enthralled the audience and impressed the jury at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star with its original and powerful take on a mixed-faith relationship which is trying to find ways to deal with a world which is largely intolerant.

Large Short Films Tu Review
Large Short Films Tu Review

The films open in a room where a couple is busy in a little bit of lovemaking and having a deep conversation in between. When the story proceeds, the audience get to know that the two in love, belong to different religion which poses a problem for them in being together for the rest of their lives. The girl (who is already engaged to another man) tries to motivate him to at least take a step forward for their relation, they are having this important discussion when suddenly there is knock on the door and both of them are scared to death. What comes after the door opens remain unknown to the audience.

In the end, the audience only gets to see a video being shot by the boy on his phone of the girl who is simply enjoying herself at the beach.

Large Short Films Tu Review
Large Short Films Tu Review

The last scene might give some positive hope to the audience. If your that typical quite aware person who is behind to see all the grave short films, then this short film is certainly for you and for those of you are not quite serious types, you can give it a watch but do let us know if you were yawning by the end.

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