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( LOL ) League Of Legends Guide-League Of Legends Champion Pyke Abilities

Riot has finally revealed League Of Legends Champion Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper. According to the Riot games, the latest lol champion Pyke is a support player. But his abilities are very different and unique by which you not only save teammates but can stop enemies to enter in laning phase. After the revealing Riot games have listed Pyke’s abilities on their reveal page. Below post has League Of Legends Guide to the LOL champion Pyke’s abilities.

League Of Legends Guide- LOL Champion Pyke Abilities

League Of Legends Champion Pyke
Source: Riot Games

(P) Passive: Gift of the Drowned Ones

LOL champion Pyke’s passive ability helps him to regenerate the recently lost health in battle when he is unseen by the enemy. Unlike Evelynn, he is unable to regenerate his health for free. But he can buy some handy and cheap items to have bonus health and can also convert that bonus health into bonus attack damage. This makes him a good option to provide a support to other LoL champions.

Q: Bone Skewer

Pyke’s “Q” has to modes to flatten enemies:

By tapping Pyke’s “Q” players can make Pyke inflict some damage to slow down the enemies while holding “Q” makes him launch his fish harpoon which can pierce enemies. He can pull enemies to a midway towards him.

W: Ghostwater Dive

With an excellent skill of using harpoon Pyke is also a great roamer and have assassination skills from underwater. His underwater diving ability makes him entering camouflage mode which increases his movement speed. But his camouflage ends when he enters attack mode. Enemies can only see him from too close only with Vision Wards.

E: Phantom Undertow

Pyke has also the ability to dash and stunned enemies. He leaves a drowned phantom when he dashed towards enemies when he uses his Phantom Undertow. Phantom makes enemies stunned and returns inside him. This makes Pyke a more horrifying LOL champion.

R: Death From Below

It looks like Pyke is not a support player because of his ultimate attack “Death From Below” which is so lethal. He strikes in an X-shaped by making which blinks to LOL champions and then suddenly executing below a certain flat. This takes a good amount of health from enemies and those who do not get executed receives equal damage.

When a champion instantly dies in that X, the assistant ally gains full kill gold and Pyke’s Death From Above again becomes available for a short period of time.

Riots games also give some tips to play as Pyke or with him.

Playing As LOL Champion Pyke

“As Pyke, you’re a cutthroat who cripples and kills all who cross you—which is everyone you come across. Start by stalking your victims with a Ghostwater Dive, lurking right at the edge of their vision. Resurface with a swift Bone Skewer to butcher multiple enemies at point-blank range. Hold the blade a little longer to harpoon just one foe instead, reeling them in to your territory before gutting them like a fish.”

“Get even more aggressive by rushing foes with a Phantom Undertow, leaving opponents paralyzed with fear as the rest of your crew closes in. When you smell blood in the water, finish the job with Death from Below to clinch the kill and cross multiple names off your list. ”

Playing With LOL Champion Pyke

You should know about Pyke’s character even if he is your in support.

“They say death is the best crowd control, and Pyke makes a great argument. In lane he’s constantly angling for the all-in, using hooks and stuns to set up kills. While he can maim foes from any spot in a fight, he’s better suited to a flank than the frontline, so expect him to make more picks than peels. And don’t worry if he ends up doing lots of murdering himself—there’s extra gold for whoever assists in his vendetta.”

“Pyke likes to kill, but he needs help with his homicides. Injuring opponents by trading and poking is key before Pyke drags them under. Even when he catches an enemy alone, he’ll need to take a couple stabs at his target—enough time for their friends to intervene. His high mobility is also offset by low survivability: Pyke is easily punished if he dives deep for a kill he can’t quite finish. The Ripper didn’t get his name by playing passive, though, so be ready for violence at any moment.”

Source By : Riot Games


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