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League Of Legends Teases New Lunar Skins Coming

A new video is surfacing through the social media handle of the league of legends. It appears to be related to the Lunar Revel skins of 2018.

The description of the teaser by  League of Legends, Singapore Facebook page is given below:

“The realm is safe as long as we stand,” the description read. “The immovable titan, the vicious beast, and I—the light of the new year.”

The teaser also gave few hints as to which champions would receive the new skins. The new Lunar Revel skins released every year in the honor of the Lunar New Year and they are connected to the new of zodiac animal of the new year, Last year featured skin for Azir in the year of the Rooster and Year of the Monkey before that gave Wulkong his Radiant skin. This year being the year of the Dog, Nasus is a champion on many player’s minds.

Three new skins released every new year and the teaser below also shows three different symbols in the middle, top left, and top right.


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