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Leaked Apex Legends Character is called Octane, coming very soon to the game

Fortnite battle royale’s tough competitor Apex Legends is gaining popularity day by day. It’s season 1 is going to release in early March and for that Respawn has planned a lot of content for the players. Like Fortnite Battle Royale, the game has been the primary target of data miners and leaks. New characters have been on top among the leaks. Now, it appears that more information about one of the potential character has been leaked online. That character is Octance and a Reddit user has posted its information earlier today.

Leaked Apex Legends Character Octane

Leaked Apex Legend Character

The user posted a photo from the legend gallery depicting a full character model of Octane including his nickname and abilities. His nickname is “High Speed Daredevil.”

If we talk about Octane’s abilities, his passive ability is Swift Mend. Octance can restore health over time while not taking damage with this ability.

His primary ability is Adrenaline Junkie. It would allow the champion to move 30 percent faster for six seconds with a cost of 10 percent health.

leaked apex legend champion

Octane’s ultimate ability is Launch Pad. It allows him to deploys a jump pad that launches the users to redeploy to other parts of the map.

Octane appearance is similar to Junkrat from Overwatch. His torn clothes, his abilities and his monster like makeover make him a high-risk character. Since nothing is confirmed till now, but if this much development about Octane is legit, then we might see Octane as next Apex Legends champion very soon.

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