Lenovo Announces New Legion Gaming PCs at E3 2018

Lenovo Legion PC's

Lenovo Announces New Legion Gaming PCs at E3 2018

Amidst all the clamour at E3, Lenovo announced a variety of new gaming PCs with 2 different form factors. The cubic form factor includes the C530 and C730, while the mid-tower config includes T530 and T730.

While most companies focus majorly on the higher-end enthusiast PCs, usually infusing the lower-tier ones with the mediocre build quality and design, Lenovo believes in the power of the mainstream market and has hence built PCs that stand out from all the others in their segment in terms of their looks.

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The cube form-factor has a 19L chassis that provides portability without sacrificing on performance. It has a dual channel airflow design which allows air to flow both in front and back of the motherboard (as it houses the graphics card). The most eye-popping aspect is the availability of RGB illumination in the C730 model and red illumination in the C530, both of which are enough to exude that gamer aesthetic.

The mid-tower form-factor has a larger 28L chassis for those who need some extra cooling and quiet and don’t mind sacrificing some portability. It also supports the dual channel airflow design with the top and the bottom vents. The T730 has RGB illumination and the T530 has red illumination for all the gamer bling. The T730 also has optional liquid cooling if you take your PC cooling seriously.

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Not to be misled by the mainstream tag of these PCs, as they can conjure up some really sweet graphics with the option of up to GTX 1060, a graphics card that is fairly capable of playing most titles at quite high settings at a really smooth 60 fps (and beyond). They also provide insanely high performance with the new 8th gen Intel Core CPUs. The C530 and T530 come with up to Core i7 8700, a beast with 6 cores and 12 threads and sky-high clocks. The C730 and T730 take it a notch above and give an option of i7 8700K, which allows overclocking and pushes the CPU over the already huge clock speeds. Together they provide a gaming experience second to none in their segment.

The option of up to 32 GB dual channel high-speed memory ensures multitasking is a breeze. The storage options have a lot to offer. The C530 and T530 come with up to 256 GB PCIe SSD with blazing fast load times for games and 2 TB HDD for storing files. The C730 and T730 make the equation interesting with the option of an additional Intel Optane SSD, a device which significantly reduces delays and speeds up operation by caching recently and frequently used files. They also provide double the storage space as compared to their x530 counterparts.

Lenovo has successfully proved to everyone that long gone are the days that stylish gaming was a thing for the enthusiasts only. We hope that all the other companies take note and provide such features for gamers on a budget.

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