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Letitia Wright May Have Given Away An Avengers 4 Spoiler

After Avengers Infinity War left us with a cliffhanger, the fans around the globe have been looking for clues to know more details about the Avengers 4. They have been listening to each and every word uttered by actors off the screen while discussing the movie. So, during one interview, Black Panther actress Letitia Wright may have let an Avengers 4 spoiler slip. The incident happened when the young actress who portrayed Shuri was asked who she enjoyed working with behind-the-scenes of Avengers Infinity War. Her answer included a name with whom she didn’t share even a single scene and that has left us completely bamboozled. Letitia said that “Chris Pratt was genuinely a great person, he would like give me bible scriptures out of nowhere and then do a dance and leave. He’s great. I love Chris Pratt.”

Both of the characters didn’t cross path for the whole Avengers Infinity War as Chris Pratt was in space with Iron Man and Spiderman fighting Thanos whereas Shuri was in Wakanda trying to save Vision, using her technology. So, these details shared by Letitia Wright may mean that they have worked together while shooting and will share the screen in Avengers 4. It not only implies that Shuri survived the snapping of fingers by Thanos but also points out that Starlord who became a pile of ash by the end of the movie will be revived in some way.

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This is not the only possible explanation of the comments made by Letitia Wright as both the actors have shared several experiences together while they were promoting the movie around the globe. The film required more than 30 actors to travel around the world and promote it, where both the actors would have had several funny moments. Leaving this comment aside still, there is a high possibility of Starlord’s revival as per the details shared by another Avengers Infinity War actor Sebastian Stan. While discussing the Avengers 4 he said that “There was one scene, I think, we had where everybody was there, I can’t really talk about that scene, but I knew it took them three months in planning this scene to have everyone there…You look around and you just saw everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Douglas to Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody was there.”

Keeping all these comments aside for a moment, I also believe that now the actors of Avengers Infinity War are knowingly making these controversial comments to keep us busy in imagining new and wild theories regarding the Avengers 4. To find the truth behind all these we will have to wait almost a year. Till the Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019, Marvel will keep us busy with Antman & The Wasp releasing on July 6, 2018, followed by Captain Marvel that will hit the theatres on March 6, 2019.

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