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LG ThinQ TV lineup launched with 25 Variants in India

LG has announced new TVs for its ThinQ TV lineup in India. The LG ThinQ TV features AI capabilities with enhanced picture quality. The ThinQ TV lineup includes Smart TVs, UHD TVs, Super UHD TVs and OLED TVs.

LG released the G7 ThinQ a couple of months back. The name was apparently changed from G7 to G7 ThinQ, giving us an indication of LG’s plan to give the AI based devices a ‘ThinQ’ tag. With the release of the ThinQ series, LG has enhanced the tag.


The LG ThinQ Smart TV will use voice commands as the major input. Using AI, the TV will understand what the user says and perform up to 800 different types of actions. Not just this, the AI will ‘guess’ what the user might search for before they even say it. The ThinQ TV AI voice commands will majorly work offline too.

lg thinq tv ai thinq tv features

LG ThinQ TV Features

The OLED LG ThinQ W8 TV is the most premium in the lineup. It is powered by an A9 processor to correctly process image data to render accurate and true-to-life colors. This ThinQ TV features HFR support which over-samples 30 or 60 fps video input and converts it to 120 fps video, making it visually smoother and more realistic. The TV also supports all forms of HDR. The TV supports HDR10 Pro, HLG Pro, HDR by Technicolor and Dolby Vision to name a few.

lg thinq tv ai thinq tv features

The LG ThinQ Super UHD TV lineup uses Nano Cell technology with full array back-lighting to create a really high contrast, deep blacks, enhanced colors and low back-light bleed. As a comparison, the Nano Cell tech displays 64 times better colors than a standard display. There is HDR support here too.

A few more add-ons

The ThinQ TV features LG’s Web OS to provide a user friendly interface. The Tvs also support a Bluetooth Audio pass-through that allows you to play TV audio on a bluetooth device, while simultaneously allowing other devices to connect to it. The ThinQ features an easier interface to connect with game consoles and external sound bars.

lg thinq tv ai thinq tv features

Our Recommendation

The LG ThinQ TV AI enabled TVs start at Rs 32,500 and go all the way to Rs 29,49,990. The lineup sure seems impressive and with the inclusion of AI, and a large variety, we definitely recommend it.


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