Life Sahi Hai Season 2 is an Indian comedy web series, under the banner of ZEE5 Original. Directed by Umesh Ghadge and Written by Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 famed Tarun Jain, served us with 5 episodes of season 2. The series is a sequel to the previous series i.e. Life Sahi Hai. Starring Suhail Nayyar, Vaibhav Raj Gupta  and Tarun Jain. After the thumping success of season 1, season 2 is out with a new face and new challenges but the same cool style of dealing with the life problems in their hilarious ways.

Life Sahi Hai Season 2

Let’s Relive The Series ‘Life Sahi Hai 2’.

Series begin with hilarious introduction of Amit and Jasjit having a conversation and suddenly the building secretary drops in telling them that associatives are planning to ask them to vacate the place because of their damaged image for girls, liquor and party. The boys soon begins to look for a perfect roommate who can replace sahil and siddharth and they wind up finding a sober and sober guy named Vaibhav. They thought him to be helpful but he came out creating more trouble for the two. Portrayed as a teetotaler but soon gets into the vibes of the other two. As the series moves ahead Jasit visits his mom and Vaibhav accompanies him and finds the idea for his ad. Whereas Jasjit meets his childhood rival Amandeep and shares the same story they have been through. Punches used are hell solid and way too much amusing, a praiseworthy write-up Traun Jain. It’s cricket finals and Amit faked illness to avoid shopping with her girlfriend to cheer for the match but she surprisingly drops in to take care. LOL! Match freaks can only understand what it feels like to be intruded between them and their match. That part was though funny but little lame where Jasjit boasts to his ex-girlfriend that he is looking for a good investor for his successful start-up but when her investor husband asks them to plan a meeting for the further discussion, he feels the risk of public humiliation and still amusingly deals with it. As the end arrives closer Amit plans to propose his girlfriend but finds himself failing in his performance. On the other hand, Vaibhav is asked to take care of Priya’s 10 year-old cousin for few hours, who makes his life inferno and the problem heightens even further when cops come knocking at their door. Winding up with double meaning conversation the series was a fun to watch.

Last Verdict.

May it be a dealing with the boss, girlfriend, society and neighbours, they being shameless as ever calmly tackles the challenges thrown to them by life with amusing punches and chuklong . Being upset nowhere exists in their dictionary of life rather together they together in a hilarious way finds a perfect comeback to their basic style which they think of transforming every time.