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List of Chromebooks with Linux app support

Tech giant, Google announced a new feature called Linux apps on Chrome OS which, as the name suggests, lets you run Linux apps on your Chromebook. Google has named it Project Crostini, and it still isn’t complete. This move is aimed at making Chromebooks more universal and productive while still keeping basic security and functionality untouched. And here is the list of Chromebook with Linux app support.

Back in 2016, when Google announced that Chromebooks would support Android apps, the world was in splits. While the added functionality of Android apps made the Chromebooks less useless, yes, they were pretty useless other than basic web browsing. And the app support was, let’s say funky, had many bugs and deemed insecure. Malicious apps could easily attack the rest of the Chromebook and cause harm.

Chromebook with Linux


The Linux app support, on the other hand, is much more secure and utilizes a guest container within the VM to run the Linux platform on the same kernel, giving it a security advantage over the Android container.

Project Crostini was available on the Pixelbook until recently. The support has now rolled out to a few more devices and will eventually trickle down to many other devices, even those with ARM processors.

The list of Chromebook with Linux app support-

  • Google Pixelbook
  • Samsung Chromebook Plus V1
  • HP Chromebook X2
  • Asus Chromebook Flip C101

Linux apps on Chrome OS will soon be supported by Acer Chromebook 13 (including the Spin model), and the Chromeboxes announces in 2018.

Google confirmed that almost all Chromebook with proper CPU architecture and kernel versions would be eventually supported, so don’t lose hope if your device is not in the above list.

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