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Netflix Reveals Little Things Season 2 Trailer & Release Date

Filter Copy and Dice Media are back with their prime offering Little Things starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal in the leading role. The first season of the series was well received by the audiences and generated millions of views on the youtube. Little Things made Filter Copy a digital content creator to look forward to in the longer run. From that moment on the channel has produced some memorable content with which youth has immediately connected.

Now with the season 2, few things have changed for good as series will be getting released on Netflix the leader in streaming service. Dice Media’s partnership with Netflix will surely work wonders for the upcoming series. (Little Things Season 2 Trailer)

The first season of Little Things revolved around a cute couple Mithila and Dhruv who are madly in love. The series gave a realistic view, that how both girl and boy have to adjust with little things which matter in the relationship. The series surely tugs the string of your heart and gives you a goal to one day have a relationship like that. Now, the couple will be returning with the Little Things season 2 whose trailer was revealed today. The trailer gave a glimpse of a season that looks to be an emotional rollercoaster. Both will go through a problematic phase wondering if this is what they really want. The Little Things season 2 is written by Dhruv Sehgal with Ruchir Arun at the helm. (Little Things Season 2 Trailer)

little things season 2 trailer

The series is will premiere on October 5 worldwide on the streaming service. The official description for Little Things season 2 from Netflix says “Join Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal), a young unmarried couple, as they navigate the complicated world of relationships, careers, and aspirations in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, while always cherishing the little things that make life worth living. The series celebrates the sweet and sour moments of life and their new-age relationship.”

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