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‘Locke and Key’ Finally Picked by Netflix after Hulu Passed on it

Netflix is again out there shopping for some shows which have been rejected by other major cable networks. One of these is Locke and Key which has been passed on from one network to another for almost eight years. Last year Hulu grabbed the rights for the series and showed interest in the series and even commissioned pilot for the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez‘s award-winning graphic novel, Locke and Key. However, going by the latest updates, Hulu gave up on the series, and Netflix jumped in to save the day.

As per THR, Carlton Cuse will remain the showrunner, but the series will be entirely reimagined, with a new cast and the director. The pilot of the series was directed by Andy Muschietti, known for the blockbuster hit ‘IT’, who is currently busy with the IT: Chapter 2 hence will not be returning to the series, though he will remain the executive producer for Locke and Key. The story of Locke and Key revolves around three siblings who move into their ancestral house, abandoned for a long time after the death of their father. As they start living there the mysteries of not so ordinary house are revealed, and they come across magical keys that give them powers. A powerful demon is also behind the keys and will do anything to get his hands on them. The plot of the series is undoubtedly exciting and going by the source material it will be dark and action-packed series.

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It’s quite shocking that interesting material like this has been juggled for these many years. First, a pilot was developed for Fox by Josh Friedman of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Then Fox passed on it and Universal grabbed the rights for it. After sitting idly on the series for years, the IDW entertainment the publishing house behind the novel started showing around the series to networks like HBO and FX. Even after that things didn’t get aligned and now after eight years it looks like Locke and key and find its home on Netflix.

We are hyped about the developments and eagerly await to hear the news of the start of production. What are your views on this update? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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