Avengers Infinity War Theory – Was Loki Posing As Bruce Banner ?

Did Loki survive Thanos’ attack in Avengers Infinity War? Hiding in plain sight, Was Loki posing as Bruce Banner the whole time in Infinity War? It’s only a theory, but yes, the God of Mischief may have done a little trick to save his life and to warn the Avengers about the Thanos.

According to this theory, Loki knew full well when he presented the Tesseract to Thanos. He knew that he would be in the line of attack of Thanos and would be probably be killed, so according to the theory, he didn’t just fool Thanos but the viewers themselves too.

It’s tough to believe but let’s take some pieces of evidence that point to this theory.

Bruce Banner is out of his natural personality

Avengers Infinity War Loki Posing as Bruce Banner

Ever since Bruce Banner got back on Earth, he is somewhat out of character, rushing from one conclusion to another, he seems desperate. When Bruce Banner finally reunites with Black Widow, the two greet each other with an awkward smile and avoid personal topics. The Russo brothers suggested that the two may have moved on after so much time gap, but that isn’t the case for Bruce Banner, he didn’t remember a thing after Hulk took over. So for him, meeting black widow would be an event which he had experienced recently. So, moving on doesn’t quite work for him.

Also, Bruce Banner’s performance issues are icing on the top. The film shows him struggling him to transform into Hulk in the whole movie. The problem was that viewers couldn’t understand why Banner couldn’t transform into Hulk during the Battle of Wakanda. The theory is that the Hulk was afraid, shocked after being beaten down so quickly by Thanos. The Russos themselves have seemed surprised by this conclusion and said that that the Hulk is tired of being brought out to fight. He hates Banner with a passion and hates being his weapon.

Is it possible, though, that in reality these “performance issues” were essentially just acting and illusion on Loki’s part? Also, Banner knew far too much about the Infinity Stones than Bruce Banner should have known. He also seems to remember everything the Hulk experienced on the Asgardian vessel; previous films have shown that Banner can’t remember anything from his time as the Hulk.

Loki knows about the Time Stone around Doctor Strange’s Neck

Avengers Infinity War Loki Posing as Bruce Banner

If one thing you may have missed even after being a fan that would be Heimdell’s decision to teleport Bruce Banner in Sanctum Sanctorum. The question is – How did Heimdall know about Sanctum Sanctorum? And even if Heimdall could see everything in the nine realms, how did he know that the eye of agomoto is a time stone and Doctor Strange is the key. One solution is that this is masterminded by Loki. He and Thor are the only two people on that Asgardian vessel who should know about the Sanctum Sanctorum. What’s more, Loki has far more experience with these ancient relics. It’s impossible to think that he didn’t recognise the Time Stone around Doctor Strange’s neck when he met him in Thor: Ragnarok. Also, Loki knows Strange would never trust him, so he took on a more trustworthy form so that he may gather up the Avengers as one.

This theory also explains why Hulk’s arc was changed in the movie. Tie-in merchandise teased that the Hulk would explode out of the Hulkbuster. But as we all know that didn’t happen. The Russo brothers suggested that it was based on an earlier script which had this Hulk arc, but changes were made late in the day.

Avengers Infinity War Loki Posing as Bruce Banner

If this all is a change or a clever trick by the directors to disguise Loki as Banner, we will undoubtedly see in the Avengers 4, but this brings up an important question, where is Banner if this is true?

Avengers Infinity War Loki Posing as Bruce Banner

If this is true, Hulk along with Valkyrie, Korg and Miek are missing from the Asgardian Vessel. This may indicate that Hulk is with the Asgardian Survivors. Also, Tessa Thompson was seen filming scenes for either Infinity War or Avengers 4 in Edinburgh. The Russos have confirmed there were few deleted scenes in Infinity War, it looks likely that Valkyrie and the Asgardian survivors will appear in Avengers 4. While this is another amusing fan theory and with pieces of evidence make a strong case, but we shouldn’t bet on this.

What do you think, is Banner Loki in disguise? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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