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LOL Champion Akali Rework: Check New Akali Abilities

As you already know that Riot Games was working on a new champion rework and it was anticipated that it would be of the famous lol champion Akali. After the full leak of Akali rework abilities and artwork, Riot Games has finally released the Akali rework trailer to cast some shadow on leaks.

League Of Legend Champion Akali Rework Abilities Leak

Famous YouTuber and streamer, high-tier Akali main Professor Akali recently visited the Riot Studios to work with the developer on lol championAkalii rework. He was allowed to record the Akali reworks gameplay video which tells about the new ability kit. After finishing his work, he posted an unlisted video on his YouTube channel’s playlist. After noticing, fans uploaded this video on League Of Legends Reddit channel and it was later down from both Reddit and his channel. But fans are too smart; they leaked the whole video online through mirror links.

Akali Rework
Credit: Jessica Oyhenart

Akali is League Of Legend’s assassin and one of the hottest lol champion. She is famous for her stealth kills from both short and long range. Whenever she smokes out an enemy, nobody can even notice her presence in smoke unless receiving a hit from her. Now, she has been completely transformed with a new character model and dangerous abilities. She has a new and improved shroud which is very useful when it is used in the smoke attack.

So let’s check lol champion Akali abilities that are newly introduced via her rework video.

League Of Legend Champion Akali Abilities

P – Assassin’s Mark

Akali Abilites
This attack is like a gift of a bonus to Akali. It creates a smoke circle around enemies. Once they crossed it, Akali performs an auto attack with double range, deal bonus magic damage scaling with AD and AP, and restore ten energy.

Q- Five Point Strike

Akali Rework Abilites
It deals with AOE magic damage by throwing five blades. Five-point strike slows down enemy upon hitting them with tip. If this attack is cast on max energy, then it helps Akali to heal. Upon reaching level five, this attack does bonus damage on minions and monsters.

W- Twilight Shroud

Akali Rework

Twilight Shroud is a mighty move of lol champion Akali in which it cast a shroud of smoke for five seconds. This smoke gives her invisibility and makes her movement 20% faster and restores 40 energy. It is a powerful tactic that even Lee Sin’s Q, towers and turret cannot find Akali. Duration of smoke can be extended by making the Akali exit and entering in invisibility mode.

E-Shuriken Flip
Akali Rework Abilites

Akali performs a backflip while attacking with shuriken in opposite direction which deals with a lot of physical damage with the AD. She can recast her E to dash to the location of its landing if it hits an enemy or lands in her Twilight Shroud’s smoke. She can perform such an fantastic backflip that she can go over walls and small terrain via it.

R- Shadow Dance

Akali Rework Abilites
In this, Akali dashes twice which don’t require a target. First dash deals with stunning and doing 120 physical damage, scaling with the AD. The second dash is an execute which deals with 120-300 damage and scaling with AP.

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