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(LoL) League Of Legend Tutorial- New Tutorial Is Now Live On PBE Community

After a long time and huge request from the player Riot Games has finally launched a whole new (LoL ) League Of Legends tutorial. It is live now on the LoL PBE community and it is excellent for the new players in League Of Legends.

Before this new players get hands on the game by learning from the internet and by the help of their friends but by the latest LoL tutorial this will change. Riots game has divided the tutorial into three missions: Welcome to League, Power Up, and Shop for Gear.

League Of Legends Tutorial
Source: Riot Games

First Tutorial- Welcome To League

The first LoL tutorial will drop you directly into a single lane of Summoner’s Rift. Your LoL champion will be Miss Fortune as default. After spawning, the tutorial announcer will tell you to the instructions and an on-screen prompt will appear.

The first tutorial will give you a taster the first fight of yours in League Of Legends. The announcer will ask you to take down League of Legends champion Sion’s Bot in a duel. After taking down Sion and taking down the nexus with help of allies the first tutorial will be finished.

Second and Third Tutorial

You will be asked to buy as starting items. Please check the CS counter and keep track of this quest otherwise it will be more confusing. The quest will ask you to earn 3500 gold by killing enemies. But this is a tough part for the new League Of Legends playes because it will be very hard for them to look for gold in the game. Once you collect the targeted gold, the game will prompt you to return the base and buy. You’ll get more confused because the game will not tell you what to buy or why.

Once you have your League Of Legends champion with new gear and when you leave the fountain. In the rest of Tutorial, when you walk through the Jungle you’ll find neutral monsters and have a mouse on them will give you all details about the monster’s camp like what is camp, how it will attack you, if it the is Blue or Red type and its respawn duration.

The main motive of this LOL or League Of Legends tutorial is to give you the perfect hint about the game to the new players and help them to familiar with the game.

Once we got more information on the tutorial we will update it.

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