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LoL, League Of Legends World Championship 2018 Qualified Teams

We are so close to the beginning of League Of Legends World Championship 2018. It will bring best League Of Legends teams to face off each other for the Summoner’s Cup and a whopping cash prize.

South Korea is hosting year’s League Of Legends World Cup on October, and from the first day, every team will try to pull up more wins as possible to keep their spot secure throughout the tournament. Before that everyone is busying to perform well in regional regions to grab a spot at the world championship.

League Of Legends World Championship

Talking about the current teams who have secured their place for LOL World League Championship, the top two teams from  NA LCS, EU LCS,  LPL, and LMS will be accompanied by all three squads of LCK in group stages. On the other hand, the third seeds from NA, EU, LPL, and LMS will take on the International Wildcard Teams in Stage matches for the final four places in group matches.

Let’s take a look at all the League Of Legends World Championship 2018 Qualified Teams from their respective region.

 League Of Legends World Championship 2018 Qualified Teams

League Of Legends World Championship

From NA LCS (North America)

Team Liquid:  They secured their position as first seed by beating Cloud9 in the NA LCS Summer Split 2018 finals on 9th September.

100 Thieves:  100 Thieves has earned as NA’s second seed to enter LOL World Championship.

Cloud9:  After losing the chance in NA LCS Summer Split, Clou9 earned North America’s third seed by beating TSM in the NA LCS regional finals.

EU LCS (Europe)

Fnatic: Fnatic earned Europe’s first seed by beating Schalke in the EU LCS Summer finals on Sept 9.

Team Vitality: Vitality got their entry as the region’s second seed through their total championship points.

G2 Esports: G2 secured the region’s third seed after defeating Schalke 04 in the EU LCS regional finals on Sept. 16.

LCK  (South Korea)

Kt Rolster:  KT secured the regions first seed after beating Griffin in the LCK finals on Sept. 8

Afreeca Freecs:  Afreeca earned their entry as LCK’s second seed through their championship points.

Gen.G: Gen.G won qualified as the region’s third seed after beating  KINGZONE DragonX at LCK regional finals.


Flash Wolves: Flash Wolves is entering as its region’s first seed at League Of Legends World Championship after beating MAD Team.

MAD Team: MAD team grabbed their spot as LMS’s second seed at Worlds through their championship point total.

G-Rex: G-Rex is entering as LMS’s third seed after winning LMS Regional Qualifier 2018.

LPL (China)

Royal Never Give Up: It has secured the LPL’s first seed after defeating Invictus gaming in the 2018 Summer finals.

Invictus Gaming: Invictus Gaming gained entry at the LPL’s second seed through their championship point total

EDward Gaming: EDG made their way to the LOLO World Championship as region’s third seed after winning beating Rogue Gaming at LPL regional finals.

VCS (Vietnam)

Phong Vũ Buffalo: It is entering in League Of Legends World Championship after winning a great match at 2018 VCS Summer Finals.

CBLOL (Brazil)

KaBum! e-Sports: KaBum secured a place at LOL World Championship group stages after winning CBLoL 2018 Winter Playoffs against Flamengo eSports 3-2 on Sept. 8

LCL (Russia)

Gambit Esports:  Gambit grabbed a place at Worlds after winning LCL summer playoff against Dragon Army by 3-1 on Sept. 2.

LJL (Japan)

DetonatioN FocusMe:  DF won the 2018 LJN Summer Season Playoffs against Unsold Stuff Gaming on Sept. 15 to make its way to LOL World Championship 2018.

LLN (Latin America North)

Infinity eSports: This team won the 2018 LLN Closing Season Playoffs against Dash9 Gaming 3-2 on Sept. 8.

CLS (Latin America South)

Kaos Latin Gamers: This team won the 2018 LCS Closing Playoffs against Rebirth eSports 3-1 on Sept. 9 to mark their entry at League Of Legends World Championship 2018.

OPL (Oceania)

Dire Wolves: This team won the OPL 2018 Split Two finals against Chiefs Esports Club 3-1 on Sept. 2.

SEA (South East Asia)

Ascension Gaming: This team won the SEA finals against MEGA 3-0 on Aug. 19 and got their place fixed at LOL World Championship 2018 group stages.

TCL (Turkey)

SuperMassive Esports: This team won the 2018 TCL summer finals against Royal Bandits 3-1 on Sept. 16 to earn their spot at LOL World Championship 2018.

We will update you when remaining teams will be qualified for the LOL World Championship 2018.

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