Interesting Marketing Campaign around Lost In Space Series by Netflix!

Netflix knows that there is enormous opportunity lying untapped in Indian market from the digital content perspective. The streaming giant arrived in multicultural land in Jan 2016, and in these two years, it has not been able to reach the audience base which it expected earlier. The growth has been slower, and the reason behind this are high price and less local original content to date.

Netflix realized the mistake of theirs last year when they announced many shows targeting Indians. So, in result to that soon we will be seeing Saif Ali Khan and Nawazudin Siddiqui starrer Sacred Games. Alongside developing original Indian content, Netflix has specifically started promoting their highly anticipated series in India. We first got the glimpse of these promotions during the February when Altered Carbon was about to hit the platform. The marketing played a huge role, and it was able to tap massive chunk of audiences in India.


Now, with Lost in Space, a Sci-Fi series, Netflix is trying something new to grab the attention of the young audience through platforms like Instagram with #LostInMumbai. To promote Lost In Space it has started a marketing campaign where the main character from the series, an alien species has been shown roaming through famous places in Mumbai city.

Sun, sand, snacks. Juhu, woo-hoo! #LostInMumbai

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Here you can see Alien Robot from the series Lost In Space chilling on the Juhu beach and as you read the comments on these posts you will realize that the streaming giant has somewhat been successful in catching the attention of Indians’. In other pictures, he is shown enacting the famous pose by none other than King Khan outside his bungalow, Mannat.

"D D D… Danger, Will Robinson." #LostInMumbai

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With market campaigns like these Netflix will surely generate a huge amount of interest among the audiences for their content. Now, we will wait to watch the campaigns around Sacred Games as that will officially launch Netflix’s original content in India.

You can check out more of these interesting pics on Instagram by using #LostInMumbai