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Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 Release Date Revealed With Powerful Teaser

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is not the only superhero that will be coming back for the season 2. Last night Netflix released the first look of Luke Cage season 2 and also revealed the airing date. So, it means out of four Defenders two are here to make our days brighter with compelling action and drama. Luke Cage is not an out-and-out action series but also have comedic moments sprinkled in between.

Luke Cage season 1 received a mixed bag of reviews as few critics praised it for action whereas others found it lacking on the front of the story. Now, Misty and Luke have a behemoth task at their end as they will try to win the heart of the audiences along with kicking the asses of bad guys. The teaser didn’t give much on the story and antagonists Luke will be facing this time around. However, he looks dope in the all black hoody.

Luke Cage stars Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, Mustafa Shakir, Gabrielle Dennis, and Rosario Dawson. The new season will consist of 13 episodes, all of which will be available on June 22.

With two of the defenders returning by this summer, the only question looms ahead is that when will be the favourite of them all, Daredevil will be aired for Season 3? Hope we get to see him in action by the end of this summer. Till then are you excited for Jessica Jones that will be airing this week? And what are your views on the season 2 teaser? Do let us know, till then keep reading and keep chilling.

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