Maaya 2 Review, A Marked Endeavour To Transform Pre-Conditioned Minds

Maaya 2

Maaya 2 is a superb 12 webisode web series directed by one of the most celebrated directors, Vikram Bhatt on his own streaming app, “VB on the web”. The outstanding and dauntless web series stars Leena Jumani, Priyal Gor, Pranav Sachdeva, Anangsha Biswas, Tanvi Thakkar and Vikas Sharma. Maaya 2 is a tale of an odd love story where two girls love each other but are afraid of the unacceptance of the society. Struggling hard to save their image from being tarnished and helping themselves to stay away from the stereotype minds and live happily, accepting their being different.

What’s Maaya 2 all about?

Maaya 2 is really a praiseworthy and a notable web series which portrays the love story of two girls Ruhi and Simmi who fall in love in a world where the LGBT’s aren’t accepted and considered as abnormal. It begins showing the odd couple Ruhi and Simi where the latter is a going to be the bride of an affluent builder Puneet Tandon and Ruhi is an employee in his company. Puneet is a narcissist and controlling guy who can go to any extent to win and is hell-bent on breaking them. In an official holiday tour to Goa, both Ruhi and Simmi find their love and interest in each other and passes the magic of love but Simmi, too much afraid of the society and her helplessness asks Ruhi to become strangers again. But Ruhi being well aware of the behaviour of Puneet asks Simmi to leave him as he used to torture her a lot and despite several trials of Ruhi, Simmi gives up to Puneet and goes back to him.

Ruhi with her journalist friend Beena decides to frame a conspiracy against Puneet by sending Shanay to him to tempt him and gain all the shreds of evidence of the fraud he is engaged into so that they can hit back to him to take teach him a lesson. As their plan succeeds they decide to celebrate the season of love mission which follows the sudden suicide of Ruhi’s best friend Roy which was a planned murder by Puneet. Ruhi and Simmi both ask the cop to investigate the matter thoroughly as it wasn’t a suicide and helps the cop in getting the witness and the evidence to arrest Puneet but he starts to play the cat and the mouse game by recording Ruhi and Simmi’s video when they were together and begins to blackmail them. Both the girls stuck in a no-escape situation and were almost there to reach the cop and hand him over the evidence but they were unaware about the enemy of their love, Puneet who send goons to snatch the evidence from them. But their true love, honest struggle and faith in each other helped them to reach the end and teaching the lesson to the culprit despite facing the stereotypes society, shame and lot from the world.

Maaya 2

Maaya 2 is simply superb with no flaws.

A flawless and a two-faced series which gave two messages and both in positive terms. First, it highlighted the acceptance of LGBT community by the society and Second, it showed may what happens but one must stick to their decision and never feel helpless and bothered from the other person’s perspective especially from the one who doesn’t want you to be happy. If somebody isn’t accepting you that doesn’t mean that you are wrong, you are your sole responsibility, love and support.

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