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How to make Android phone fast by slowing down animations

Make Android phone fast by slowing down animations !!

Android phones were pretty slow in early stages but improved a lot in last few years,all thanks to Google’s optimizations which kept on improving Android phones. Today flagship Android phones have breathtaking performance. But they can be made more smooth and fast.
Do you ever felt that your is slow and takes lot of time to open an application at the same time you have the powerful system. It may be due to increased animations on your phone. So, do you want to make your phone fast and increase your battery , then slowing down animations of your phone can make it fast. To make phone fast there can be multiple ways ,but slowing down animations is easiest and fastest method to make your phone fast. So read on further how to slow down.

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Here are the steps for How to make Android phone fast by slowing down animations.

Step 1: First Go to the settings of your phone by sliding down the notification bar and selecting the settings icon or directly select settings app from app drawer.

Step 2 : Now you have to First Enable the developers options on your device. By going to the about phone then find build number and tap on it seven time and option will be created in your settings for developer options.
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Note: Step 2 is important step without this you cannot slow down animations on your device.

Step 3: Once you enable the developers options , Now open the developers options and scroll down and find the section “Drawing” under the drawing section there will three options ,namely;
Window animations scale
Transition animation scale
Animator duration scale.
Step 4: Now open each options above one by one and select animation scale to 0.5x. You can also select Animations off for the fastest performance . However we do recommend 0.5x. As this will show fewer animations along with the smoothness of the phone.

Note : Do not enable or disable any other developers options ,if you don’t have problem knowledge about Android. changing the developers options witjout knowing can make certain unwanted changes in your phone. So be careful while changing any settings in developers options.

Slowing Down these animations may feel a very little thing , but this can make your phone so smooth and fast at the same time saving your phone’s battery.So that all for How to make Android phone fast by slowing down animations. So tell us after doing this how you feel your phone’s performance. Are there any changes ? And if you have any further queries feel free to ask us.


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