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How to Manage Clipboard text, best clipboard( copy paste apps)

Manage Clipboard text, best clipboard( copy paste apps) !!

Copy and paste is a very basic thing in Android, everyone uses it but the functionality of the default Android clipboard is pretty limited. It might work for most of the users, but can be a headache for people who require to copy-paste a lot. But for every problem there is always a solution, so we are here to help you to Manage clipboard text on your device.

Problems with Default Android Clipboard:

  • If you have copied anything and restarted your phone without pasting it then copied text will be erased.
  • You can only copy one item at a time

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How to Improve the Copy-Paste Function on Android

Android has inbuilt copying and pasting which gets the job done for most of the people, but it is not so powerful, if you are required to copy paste a lot as the functions available are pretty limited. Thankfully 3rd apps are available in the market which provides more eminent tools for copying and pasting.

Clipper: The Quick and Fast Option

Clipper is one of the best app available on the play store to deal with all your copy-paste text. The app is simple to use and provides you with eminent tools, that will be very handy for you.

Here are a few features of the Clipper :

  • Anything you copy remains in the app.
  • You never lose what you copied once if you copy another text.
  • The copied text can be accessed any time by heading into the app.
  • Simply tap on any saved text in the app and it will transfer it to the Android’s clipboard, so you can directly paste it anywhere.
  • Short Notes and phrases can also be added.

Clipper is a very Good app, but one thing that you have to face the ads. The app at the bottom has a big space for ads. But if you buy the Clipper Plus which only costs $2 then it will allow you to add more than 20 clips plus all your copied text will be synced online and obviously, you will get rid of the ads.

Download: Clipper (Free)
Download: Clipper Plus (costs $2)

AnyCopy: The Safe and Secure Option

Another copy pasting is any Anycopy, this is for the users who want there notes to be locked and secure. The app is free of cost but there is also a premium version which costs $2. But the free version is no less than the premium, only a few extra options like changing the size of text, changing the default save folder, and auto-sorting notes are available in premium version.

Here are some of the key things about Anyshare.

  • Free Version of the app doesn’t contains adds.
  • Search option is available to find your desired note.
  • You can set a pin to lock the app.
  • Option to lock the desired Folder is also available.
  • All your notes remain encrypted.

Anycopy app is perfect at its work , you copy anything on your phone and later you will find that in the Anycopy and the best part is that it all your text remains secured and encrypted. We do recommend to try the app once.

Download: AnyCopy (Free with in-app purchase)

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So the above apps mentioned are the best apps available in the market to help you to manage clipboard text on your phone. If you find any other eminent clipboard app then feel free to mention in the comments section,We would love to include it.

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