15 Marvel Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in Movies

Marvel Easter Eggs

Marvel inevitably has become the most fast-growing and loved comics franchise, with a fan base all around the globe and ever-increasing popularity. Marvel surely knows how to keep itself alive in the competition and on the internet. With practically inventing the post-credit scenes teases, Marvel sure has kept fans always predicting what’s to come next.

But not only the experiments with the post-credit scenes stopped, but Marvel also experimented with some pop-ups of some superheroes from the comics or from the past as easter eggs. Many of them were hinted to something big to come, but mostly they were only a tease for the fans. Today, we’ll be checking out some of the best Marvel easter eggs.

The Human Torch – Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel Easter Eggs

The Oldest Avenger – Captain America’s story in the Captain America: The First Avenger had one such easter egg. On one such occasion when Steve and Bucky pay visit to the World’s Fair where inventions from around the world were on display, we get to see a man in Red suit and in a tube labelled as “Phineas T. Horton’s The Synthetic” which actually was a reference to an original superhero – The Human Torch, which actually was an android in the comics and named as Jim Hammond. While he was never shown in his ‘fire-on’ mode, but it hinted at the presence of the superhero in the MCU. While Hammond fought alongside Cap in The Invaders. The Marvel easter eggs hinted on something big, while some even speculated his appearance in Civil War, fighting alongside the Cap’s team.

Marrow – Deadpool

Marvel Easter Eggs

While Deadpool sure was an out of the box superhero film, with the crazy touches of sarcasm and funny one-liners, Fox had their fans’ all eyes on the main hero Deadpool. But Marvel let a small easter egg sneak into this film as well. While Deadpool was served with the highest degree of torture at the Weapon X testing facility. A small glimpse of the doctor studying a mutant with protruding bones is seen. While Marlock’s (Marrow) distinctive ability is some extra set of bones protruding out of his body, fans didn’t let it slip from their view. While it hinted at some big combinations and a ton of storylines, we’re yet to see what’s in the bag for mutants in future X-Force movies.

Fing Fang Foom – Iron Man

Marvel Easter Eggs

With the release of Iron Man, one of the most super hit superhero of the MCU. MCU was sure to let fans into what’s in store for their superhero. While Iron Man fights off with his repulsor beams, fans were able to notice a majestic golden monster. While fans didn’t take it with much seriousness but when Marvel released a follow-up comic set in the MCU titled ‘Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas’ introduced fans to the MCU blueprint of the Fin Fang Foom. The odd dragon with purple pants has been there in the comics for really a long time, we are yet to see his monstrous (or comedic) appearance in the MCU.

Beta Ray Bill, Ares and Bi-Beast on Sakaar – Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Easter Eggs

During the events of Thor – Ragnarok, when Thor is forced to fight Hulk on an alien planet Sakaar, the main tower of Sakaar had faces of 3 characters engraved in it other than Hulk – Beta Ray Bill, Ares and Bi-Beast. All of them didn’t even pop-up in the events next to come and no other hint of these characters from the comics only meant that they were the greatest fighters who fought the dual on Sakaar.

Jacosta – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel Easter Eggs

With the official news of Age of Ultron, fans were much hyped to see the interpretation of one of the most fearsome villains Ultron in the MCU, while MCU took a totally different route to pursue the film and its events, it sure hinted at some plot twists in the film itself. After JARVIS gone, the Ironman searching among his lot of A.I to go with his suit, he chooses FRIDAY as his partner but in the background, we can see an A.I with the name of Jocasta which was Ultron’s A.I bride in the comics. While fans thought of it as a plot twist and maybe a sequel to the film, but as we all know it was just a teaser and a mention by the MCU.

Bob, Agent of Hydra – Deadpool

Marvel Easter Eggs

The climax of the Deadpool was all fighting with remarks coming from Deadpool here and there, we see him recognize a familiar face – Bob, an agent of hydra with whom Deadpool worked in the past. Deadpool doesn’t kill him for old time’s sake and let him go but it surely hinted on the future of Deadpool movies, while it was a proper conversation between main hero and him, with Deadpool we can never be sure of things. Only, time will tell the connection.

Howard, The Duck – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Marvel Easter Eggs

Marvel continuing to drop easter eggs in other subsequent movies also, with the release of Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 1, Marvel brought back an easter egg in its first instalment of the movie. Even the release of a standalone movie was discussed with the comic critics, but it turned out to be another marvel easter eggs. In the comics, Howard the duck possess a high degree of magical powers and self-styled Quack-Fu. But most probably we are not going to see its abilities soon.

Infinity Gauntlet, Odin’s Vault – Thor

Marvel Easter Eggs

While Loki was up to his mischief in Thor, we did see a glimpse of the infinity gauntlet in Odin’s vault. But Marvel had some change in plans and in the post-credit scene of Age of Ultron, Thanos is seen wearing the infinity gauntlet. This made a hype and with the Hela declaring the Gauntlet in Odin’s chest ad fake, it was settled that it was another marvel easter eggs from the makers.

Hobgoblin – Spider-Man 3

Marvel Easter Eggs

Spider-Man 3 was full of problems and didn’t go well with the fans. But marvel sure was up to dropping to some hints. While Henry Osborne takes a round of his lab, the camera shows his workbench and there we get to see the infamous Hobgoblin’s shining silver masks. While Hobgoblin’s appearance was expected but with Homecoming and the subsequent releases we have left nothing but Marvel easter eggs. Hobgoblin rocked in the comics and fans expected to live up to its hype. But we never get to see him in action.

Doctor Nicodemus West – Doctor Strange

Marvel Easter Eggs

In the events of Doctor Strange, when Stephen Strange is encountered with an accident and in serious need of a hand surgeon, the surgeon who operates on him bears the name – Nicodemus West. While in the comics Nicodemus goes on to train with Strange and becomes a villain. We didn’t see much of Nicodemus in the movie and it’s most probably marvel easter eggs as the subsequent events unfold. While fans look up to his inclusion as a major antagonist, but as Strange chose to spend time developing Mordo, it is highly unlikely.

Bruce Banner – Spiderman Homecoming

Marvel Easter Eggs

In one of science classroom of Peter in spider-man Homecoming, we see photograph of Bruce Banner – The Hulk in the top right corner. While, it hinted at the Hulk coming back on earth in the movie but as it turned out, it was nothing but marvel easter eggs itself.

Birth of Adam Warlock – Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel Easter Eggs

In the post-credit scene of Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2, we see Adam Warlock’s famous ‘cocoon’. While the events of Thanos disintegrating half of the universe into dust, the cocoon is probably an Easter egg in itself, while Guardian of Galaxy may have some subsequent releases to come. Time will tell the tale of this marvel easter egg.

The Wasp, Quantum Realm – Ant-Man

Marvel Easter Eggs

While our hero Ant-Man saves the day, he dives into the quantum realm as he shrinks smaller and smaller. While it was visually stimulating, we could see the outline of Janet Van Dyne – The Wasp in the distance. While it hinted at the return of the Original Wasp. But it turned out more of an Easter egg and we are left with nothing but a faded outline. Still, as the further instalments of Ant-Man are lined up, we’ll see what MCU up to with Ant-Man.

Doctor Strange – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Marvel Easter Eggs

While Falcon and Captain America interrogate Jasper Sitwell, we get to see a mention of Doctor Strange. While Sitwell says one of their men have been keeping tabs on Strange, we didn’t see any connection in the film or in the subsequent films until Infinity Wars where he himself introduced to Iron Man. So, the name mention also turned out to be a Marvel easter egg for the fans.

Crossbones – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Marvel Easter Eggs

As a mercenary to Captain’s archenemy – Red Skull and of Hydra, Brum Rumlow makes his appearance in the winter soldier. Fans expected him to be in action against Cap, but in the end, he was reduced to crisp and we yet again see a comic character being an Easter egg in the cinematic universe. Even the gun strap of Brum makes a pretty similar translation on screen.

So, this was our list on the some of the best marvel easter eggs which created much of a hype among the fans and the critics, do tell us in the comment section about your views and if we missed something!

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